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Definition of "Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA)"

Sabih Arien, Broker real estate agent
Sabih Arien, Broker Metroplex Business Group

Also called Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1969 or Regulation Z. A federal statute protecting buyers. The key provision is that both the dollar amount of finance charges and the annual percentage rate (APR) must be disclosed before extending credit. The finance charge includes a disclosure of the following: interest, finder and origination fees, discount points, service charges, credit report fees and other charges paid by the consumer directly or incident which are imposed as an incident to the extension of credit. The regulation also applies to all advertising seeking to promote credit. This advertising is required to include specific information. The intent of Congress was to assist consumers with their credit decisions by providing them with specific required disclosure and does not attempt to establish minimum or maximum interest rates or other charges.

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