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For those of you who started searching for a new place to live in Pasadena, MD it’s important that you check a few things before you close a sale. Most people look at housing costs and employment statistics, which are of course, important, but for a city like Pasadena, you should also look at the crime statistics. The reason for which these are important is what they actually mean for the population in and around the city of Pasadena, MD.

Many people who live here have families with children which is why the whole community is very family-oriented with activities and things to do specifically designed for families. Being a small town, the city of Pasadena is a suburb of Baltimore as well as Washington D.C. Many families who live here work outside of the city as an alternative for the jobs that you can find in Pasadena. And this is why crime statistics are important for Pasadena. Another reason why people move here is the quality of life especially for family life because of its friendly neighbors and more affordable cost of living.

Crime rate numbers and comparisons

The most important things for any young family that’s searching for a new place to live, especially those looking into settling down and raising children, are schools and crime rates. With its position as Baltimore’s suburb, Pasadena has one thing going for it. Although the crime rates in Pasadena are slightly higher than the national average, when compared to Baltimore or the other cities between Baltimore and Pasadena, the crime rates are much lower.

Every city around Baltimore and those south of Baltimore in Pasadena’s direction, have higher crime rates than this small Maryland town.

With 1 in 46 chances of falling victim to property crime and 1 in 197 chance of being a victim of a violent crime, Pasadena, MD has better crime statistics than the cities closer to Baltimore. This makes it an ideal place for all those working in and around the Baltimore area if they want to live in safer neighborhoods.

Searching for a place to live in Pasadena, MD in regards to safety can be easier with the help of real estate agents in Pasadena MD. Certain areas like Pinehurst, Lake Shore and Bayside Beach are safer while Brooksfield and Cottage Grove Beach are not ranking as high as far as safety. That's why it’s important to work with a real estate agent that specializes within the area.  


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