Can A Landlord Cancel An Eviction?

Definition of "Can a landlord cancel an eviction?"

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If you’ve just gotten the news that you’re about to be evicted, you’re probably experiencing a range of emotions. You may be feeling confused, angry or worried. Your mind is clouded with intrusive thoughts about the upcoming days and weeks, as you worry about where you’ll stay and whether or not you’ll be able to make ends meet. 

Among the thoughts crowding into your mind, there’s probably one in particular that keeps cropping up: can my landlord cancel or nullify my eviction, if I can convince them to do so? This is a reasonable thought, and a sensible impulse if you haven’t yet discussed the conditions of your eviction with your landlord. So how can a landlord cancel an eviction, and how can you best convince them to do so? Let’s find out. 

Negotiating with your landlord 

The short answer to the question posed earlier is simple; yes, your landlord can cancel your eviction. As the owner of the property, your landlord has the right to rescind your eviction notice, as long as it does not violate any contracts signed by you or your landlord. In practice, this means that you might be able to negotiate a cancellation of your eviction with your landlord; but how? 

If you are being evicted due to a failure to pay rent you have a number of options you can fall back on in order to defer eviction, but the simplest and most direct is to simply discuss your eviction with your landlord. With a bit of persuasion, you may be able to demonstrate that the financial risk of potentially having the property lie empty for months or years outweighs a month or two of unpaid rent. If you’re a good tenant, he might opt to choose the latter option. 

In situations where this isn’t an option, you may have feasible legal recourse against your landlord. Although challenging an eviction in court may not result in a favorable verdict, it might be enough to cause your landlord to reconsider their decision. With the help of a charitable real estate attorney willing to work pro bono, you might even win the case. 

For more information on this topic and many others, find a real estate agent in your area and call them up for a chat. Real estate agents are better qualified than just about anyone else to help you wriggle your way out of a tricky situation such as this, and they’ll more than likely be happy to help you out. Just give one a call; you won’t regret it! 


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