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Considering the fact that both cities are located in the Sonoran Desert and are surrounded by several mountain peaks they both have direct access to the hiking trails, amazing outdoor experiences, and great weather. Comparing Tucson to Phoenix isn't easy, nor is deciding between the two. There are a few things that set them apart, however.


While there is plenty of sunshine, sometimes even too much, both cities have warm winters and hot summers. The difference here is made by the altitude of these two cities. Tucson is at 2,389 feet while Phoenix is at 1,086 feet. This makes it better to live in Tucson as that difference in altitude brings with it a slightly more acceptable temperature during those hot Arizona summers.

Job opportunities

Because of the fact that Phoenix is a significantly larger town than Tucson, the job market has more variety and there are more opportunities. You can simply move to Phoenix and find a job in a matter of days without having any job experience or prospects. Tucson is about a third of Phoenix while being the second-largest city in Arizona. This can make it difficult to find a job if you don't have much past experience in the job market. However, if you have a constructed career, you can find work in Tucson especially in education, health care, or aeronautical military.


Tucson is a much more laidback city when compared to Phoenix. Because of its smaller size and status of a college town, the city of Tucson managed to sustain its small-town feel throughout its expansion. It has a slower pace and people seem to not be bothered as much by people that are doing their own thing. You can be yourself here and be a part of its growing artistic culture without prejudice or bad-mouthing following you around. It is also significantly friendlier and a great place to live especially for families. There are many options for parks, playgrounds, or interactive education here and it is easier to find people who have the same interest here than it is in Phoenix. Its smaller size also makes it easier to interact with people that wave to you in a grocery store or while driving.

If you agree with us that Tucson is better than Phoenix, especially for family life, you can get in touch with the realtors in Tucson AZ, and start browsing for your new family home.


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