Is Matthews NC An Expensive Place To Live?

Answer for "Is Matthews NC an expensive place to live?"

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Matthews is a lovely small town located in southeastern Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. If you are a local in this tight-knit community of Charlotte, you will most likely enjoy spending your time outdoors. The area stretches for about 17 square miles while most of it is covered by trees, green spaces, and parks. Residents in Matthews, North Carolina, love the quiet atmosphere and enjoy a fair amount of shops, good restaurants, and family-friendly amenities. If that might sound like a community you want to be part of, you might wonder how affordable would it be to live here? Is Matthews, NC, an expensive place to live? Let’s find out.

Matthews NC is known for having a good schooling system, a family-friendly environment, and great job opportunities. Because Matthews is a suburb of Charlotte, you have quick and easy access to the city. That is one of the reasons why many consider the town of Matthews to be a great place to live. As far as the cost of living goes, there are a few things to consider. The overall costs of living in Matthews is about 12% higher than the North Carolina average and about 7% higher than the national average.

While expenses such as utilities, groceries, and transportation are close to the national average, housing is about 20% higher than the national average. Living in one of Charlotte’s best suburbs is quite expensive compared to other similar locations in the state. With a median home value of about $315,000, the housing market of Matthews, North Carolina passes even Charlotte’s housing market by about 12%. Nowadays, there is a tendency in the marketplace for people to shy away from big cities and crowded areas and move towards rural-like areas that are quieter and less crowded.

Is the same behavior affecting the housing market of these two areas? Probably! But if you are interested in finding a home in the gorgeous suburb area of Charlotte, get in touch with one of our top real estate agents in Matthews NC, to find the best housing options available.


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