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Located one hour north of the border and the chair seat of Pima County, the city of Tucson, AZ is a flower in the desert. As part of the Sonoran Desert, the flora and fauna in and around the city is something very unique and particular to this desert.

The residents of Tucson get to enjoy both the cultural heritage of a city with a distinctive history. Having been passed back and forth between the United States and Mexico several times this Old Pueblo of the southeast developed a multicultural heritage that can be seen in the architectural style, UNESCO acclaimed cuisine, countless museums and its friendliness towards families.

What makes it a good place to live?

Because of this the citizens of Tucson, AZ are open-minded and laid back when it comes to new arrivals. With its college-town mentality and seasonal snowbirds, the city of Tucson manages to maintain a small-town feel while offering amenities that are worthy of the second-largest city in Arizona. When compared to Phoenix, however, Tucson is considered better for families because of its family-focused activities and amenities while also having a slower pace which fits perfectly with family-life. It also has a milder heat than Phoenix.

Its surprisingly affordable housing makes Tucson's cost of living very attractive for many families and retirees. Many come here for the calmer lifestyle and outdoor activities. Not to mention that amazing Arizona weather that makes you feel like you're on holiday every day of the year.

Another well-received effect of those sunny days is the fact that you can go hiking or exploring the outdoors pretty much every day of the year. It is best, however, to keep the hiking trails for early mornings or late afternoons during summertime or simply plan them for the other seasons when the heat is more comfortable.

Realtors in Tucson AZ can help you find homes in some of the best neighborhoods in the city where the desert and Saguaro cacti isolate residences, allowing for a peaceful life.


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