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Waynesboro should definitely be on your bucket list if you intend to explore the most stunning places in Virginia! The city excels for countless reasons, from mind-blowing natural surroundings to inner city renowned events. 

Historic trivia on the town

Though the downtown came into existence as early as 1798, the independent city of Waynesboro was officially established in 1801. Our beloved town was named to honor the memory of Mad Anthony Wayne, Revolutionary War hero. 

Explore the breathtaking Shenandoah National Park!

Located about three miles from the city, the Shenandoah National Park is a hikers’ paradise featuring more than 500 miles of trails. Did you know that the legendary Appalachian Trail is among these pathways? Since this formidable city is located in the mesmerizing Shenandoah Valley, skipping the unique National Park would be a missed opportunity. 

Suppose you enjoy high altitude and valley views. In that case, we highly recommend taking Skyline Drive as an excellent access point to the park. Thus, you can also see the core of the Blueridge Mountains spiced up by splendid waterfalls. We assure you that only Montana’s majestic mountains are up for the challenge against Waynesboro’s magnificent outdoors. 

Authentic recreation is guaranteed in Coyner Springs Park!

On 145 acres, Coyner Springs Park is up to the most beautiful freshwatersprings in Florida. The park features countless trails perfect for wildlife observation, such as woodpeckers and squirrels. You can exclusively witness such a colorful native fauna in Gulf Shores, AL!


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Did you know that you can put your golf skills to the test at the Coyner Springs Disc Golf Course? Your whole family will have a terrific time in the kite-flying area, where you can let your pet off the leash and have a picnic afterward. 

Ring Peoples Bell!

Legend has it that if you ring Peoples Bell three times in Serenity Garden in Ridgeview Park, a cure can be granted to a sick loved one. It goes without saying that the green area showcases numerous nature trails, all beautified by shrubs and bright flowers. Ridgeway Park also hosts the trendy War Memorial Pool, offering swimming programs and lessons.

Waynesboro is on the path to full artistic recognition.

Our charming city strives to achieve national artistic recognition. And they’re on the right track to do so. 

Shenandoah Valley Art Center 

First and foremost, Shenandoah Valley Art Center provides local artists and crafts person with a venue and exhibition gallery to display their fine artworks. The Art Center showcases seven studios, genuine printmaking equipment, and a pottery studio. 

Art-lovers and those interested in the area’s particular atmosphere can fully enjoy Shenandoah Valley Art Center in the framework of an autumn festival. Then, the venue gathers all the gifted musicians and artists from the entire valley. Once you’re in the region, we recommend the best Fairfax, VA, fall festivals only 151 miles from Waynesboro!

Wayne Theatre

Don’t believe Wayne Theater in Waynesboro has limited itself to stage plays! Established in 1926, the former vaudeville venue has a wide range of spectacles in its repertoire. Broadway hits and indie shows? Check! Movie screenings? Check! 

Would you be interested in spreading your wings on the stage or learning more about art history? Then, you must join the Arts Education Program with many community members sharing the same line of interest! Additionally, an art gallery welcomes its dear visitors with scheduled exhibits throughout the year.


This magical place certainly doesn’t qualify as one of America’s many cold and unfriendly cities! You can enjoy many outstanding outdoor activities in Waynesboro in the fantastic natural surroundings. You can even compare Waynesboro to the great outdoors of Alexandria, VA (only a two-and-a-half drive away) and see which city does better. 

Furthermore, Waynesboro excels in providing ground for artistic endeavors for many local and regional artists. 

If you wish to relocate to this stunning city, it would be best to contact expert local real estate agents in Waynesboro VA! They can set you up with an affordable home and recommend countless must-see places in the region!


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