What Jobs Can You Find In Pasadena MD?

Answer for "What jobs can you find in Pasadena MD?"

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Pasadena is a census-designated place located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. With a population of about 31,00 people, this suburb of Baltimore and Washington D.C. is a small, compact community that stretches for only 7.7 square miles. It’s proximity to some of these major cities, attracts a lot of attention in the direction of housing in the area since it is easy to commute to some of these big metropolitan cities.

This community has a suburb feel to it that is very appealing to its residents and because it has just enough amenities and facilities in the way of entertainment and education, this really makes Pasadena, MD a good place to live

Even though the median home value is quite high, it hasn’t stopped real estate agents in Pasadena MD to sell homes like crazy. Because the city is a suburb of Baltimore and Washington D.C. the traffic to the area and its economic prosperity is impacted by it’s proximity to these major cities. The job opportunities are more diverse in a metropolitan city and having the advantage of an easy commute might be all that connects some people to Pasadena, MD.

However, there are people who build their career and professional life in Pasadena, MD. Let’s take a look into the job market and see what jobs you can find in Pasadena, MD?

The healthcare industry is one of the areas where you will see many people working and many job opportunities. Also, in the retail industry, you will find many job offers throughout the city of Pasadena. Jobs such as Amazon Delivery Associate, Sales associate, human resources assistants, or manager positions are available and if you are interested in finding a more technical job than machine operators and assemblers or maintenance machine operators are some of the options. All, these jobs pay a minimum of $15 per hour and it could be as high as $30 for some of the jobs mentioned above.

Also, if you have experience in the hospitality industry, then there are quite a few options available in that direction as well. You can apply for a job as a cook for a restaurant or a full-time cook in an assisted living facility. Also, jobs such as a receptionist, seafood department manager, booking officer, and many others related. If you are into numbers and statistics, jobs such as Venture Fund Analyst, Commitment records specialist for military services or logistics coordinator are some of the options.

All of the salaries mentioned above pay somewhere between $60,000 to over $100,000 per year and many other benefits come along with the job offer.


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