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As the county seat of Cherokee County, the city of Canton, Georgia is ideally located for all those that love the wild outdoors and want to venture in explorations through the southern tips of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Besides the awe-striking beauty of this mountainous terrain the city of Canton, Georgia is known for its history and its growth. Through the past struggles, the city developed for the benefit of its residents and the continuous growth led to the city’s accelerated increase in population. In the past two decades Canton, GA’s population quadrupled without affecting Canton’s safety ratings too much.

A history of trails of tears

With the name of the county also comes the rich history of the entire area that connects the Canton we know and love today to the Cherokee Nation that takes us back 100 years into the gold rush from the past. The new settlers decided to name the area “Etowah” after the building of the first courthouse in 1829, but by 1834 it was renamed, Canton. In order to occupy the land of Cherokee County and reap the benefits of these gold-filled mountains the European-American settlers organized a series of forced relocations, including from the Canton area, that are known nowadays as the Trail of Tears. Approximately 60,000 Native Americans had to leave their ancestral homes to areas west of the Mississippi River. The Trail of Tears is commemorated by monuments like the one in New Echota, Georgia.

A forward-thinking future

From the cotton revolution that created one of the largest cotton mills in the South, Canton Cotton Mills, Canton was renowned for its high-quality Canton Denim, to the marble industry that also flourished in the area through Georgia Marble Finishing Works, company after company paved the foundation for the notable economical development of the city. Nowadays Canton continues to develop industries that will reclaim the local workforce by continuing their journey through innovations that will further improve the quality of life in the city. With amazing restaurants throughout the city and fun things that keep the population active Canton is growing every day. The road is paved and several incentives were given in order to attract the workforce. If you’re planning to move there it’s good to know that the job industry is highly inviting and the job growth is predicted to be around 49% for the next ten years. A perfect home is waiting for you if you contact the local real estate agents in Canton GA.


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