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Lakewood Ranch is one of the most prosperous and highly sought after communities in Florida. The city stretches for 48 square miles and it is a place where families, children, couples, and seniors find a place they can call home.

The beautiful city of Lakewood Ranch FL really stands out for having a gorgeous curb appeal paired with a beautiful natural landscape that is breathtaking. Top amenities and the high quality of life make the city of Lakewood Ranch FL one of the best places to live. Most of this came as a result of the master-planned residential development that took place in 1994, which slowly turned the city of Lakewood Ranch into what it is today.

The city was ranked as the 2nd best master-planned community in the US and one of the best retirement communities in the state of Florida if not in the country. If you consider relocating to the city of Lakewood Ranch FL then you might be asking yourself, is Lakewood Ranch safe? Let’s find out!

What are the crime rates in Lakewood Ranch FL?

In terms of crime rates, Lakewood Ranch has a pretty good score in terms of safety. The reports show that the city of Lakewood Ranch FL has an overall crime rate that is 9% lower than the national average.

In terms of property crimes, Lakewood Ranch FL has a higher score compared to the national average. This category includes vehicle theft, burglary, and robbery which is more common in Lakewood Ranch FL compared to other cities in Florida, however, the safety scores of the city are increased by the really low violent crime rates.

The violent crime rate is 21% lower in Lakewood Ranch FL compared to the national average and there are about 563 occurrences per 100,000 residents in a year. It is after all one of the top communities in Florida with people of all ages that enjoy a comfortable and yet happy life. Just like any other major touristic attraction, exercise caution by keeping your valuables out of sight and your vehicles locked.

The high quality of life provided in the city of Lakewood Ranch FL offers you plenty of things to do, and it is backed by an environment that is family-friendly and safe. Make sure that you contact one of our top real estate agents in Lakewood Ranch FL in order to find the perfect home for yourself and enjoy life at it’s fullest in one of America’s top communities.


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