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The barrier island of Lowcountry in South Carolina holds plenty of cultural, historical, and recreational attractions for you to explore. If you plan to venture yourself into the heart of Lowcountry for a unique experience, wrapped with excitement and lots of fun, stick with us. We are about to go on a journey together to find out what Hilton Head, SC, is known for?

Hilton Head ranks as one of the best vacation destinations because the area is a golfer’s paradise, and there are beaches everywhere. The golf courses are plentiful, and they cover a wide array of players from beginners to professional golfers. Suited for business meetings or casual weekdays out with friends, the golf courses and clubs can fit anyone interested in this type of recreational activity.

The beautiful beaches that surround the Hilton Head Island of South Carolina are another reason why summer seasons bring plenty of tourists around. From secluded getaways to busy tourist spots, the impeccable beach area is a great way to get that coastline vibe going, which is also part of the beautiful life experienced in Hilton Head SC.

For an island that is about 5 miles wide and 12 miles long, having a 60-mile bike trail is impressive nonetheless. The Hilton Head bike trail takes you from the dense inland vegetation filled with wildlife to the scenic waterfront views for some of the most picturesque views you can get on a bike.

As of lately, the resort town has been a highly sought after retirement destination, and even though the tourists coming in the summer skyrocket the population to about 150,000 people, the rest of the year has about 40,000 people living in Hilton Head SC from which most are in their senior years. However, not many can benefit from being a resident of the island because it is quite expensive to live in Hilton Head, South Carolina. This is probably one of the unfortunate aspects that Hilton Head, SC, is known for.

But, if you want to be part of the Lowcountry community, don’t hesitate to get in touch with realtors in Hilton Head SC for more information about the housing market. With the help of an agent, you can relocate to the area in no time and enjoy the excellent quality of life provided on the coastal city of Hilton Head, South Carolina.


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