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Those looking into starting a new chapter of their lives, should really take a closer look at Virginia Beach, VA. We’re positive that real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA will have plenty of information to give about this surprising coastal city. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, you won’t run out of beaches to explore. After all, the word “beach” is in the city’s name. Talk to realtors in Virginia Beach VA to figure out which is the best beach in this affordable and fun loaded beach town. Located in the southeast of the state of Virginia, the city of Virginia Beach is surrounded by the ocean on two sides, the cities Norfolk and Chesapeake on another and Dismal Swamp State Park to the south. Real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA know all there is to know about this vibrant coastal town, that is also home to a flourishing local culinary scene, a wide variety of arts and entertainment, rich history and plenty of family-friendly activities. If you decide to move here, you’ll surely enjoy all the water-related amenities available and the surrounding inland areas will provoke you to start exploring them as soon as possible. If you’re ready to contact realtors in Virginia Beach VA, you’ll be able to find their contact information below. They’re, literally just one phone call away and with one of the best real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA by your side, you’ll find your dream coastal home in no time. However, if you’re undecided and need a bit more information before you pick up your phone and contact realtors in Virginia Beach VA keep on reading. Further below, you’ll get access to information related to the city’s housing market and job market. Still, while those details are useful, we’ll also give you a taste of what life can be like in Virginia Beach, VA.
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As one of the cities determined to have the best air quality in the United States, the city of Virginia Beach, VA is definitely one of the good ones. That will be even more evident if you relocate here from a large metropolis where there’s more CO2 than oxygen in the air. As you settle down here, you’ll realize that time seems to slow down enough that you can catch up and unwind at your leisure. Up next, real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA helped put together some of the most relevant information for those thinking to relocate to this coastal city.

Housing Market in Virginia Beach, VA

When it comes to the housing market, realtors in Virginia Beach VA are in their element, ready to fill you in on everything that you need to know before you sign on the dotted line. While typically, the median value for a home in Virginia Beach, Virginia is $372,000, the city’s heavy buyer’s market will make it a piece of cake for you to find the home you love. More than half of the properties in the city have been appraised, according to real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA between $129,000 and $386,000, giving you plenty of options to choose from. However, seeing as around 36% of the population rents their homes, it might help you to know that the median rent is at $2,000. Like that, you can rent a place before you find the ideal home for you and also get to know the city a bit more.

Job Market in Virginia Beach, VA

Since the 1960s, the city of Virginia Beach, VA has experienced an accelerating growth trend that took the population from 8.1K to over 450.3K in 2022. Such a population growth exceeded the state’s pattern as wages also grew accordingly. Over the last decade alone realtors in Virginia Beach VA saw a median household income increase from $63,000 to $79,000. 

The well developed and balanced industries present in the city of Virginia Beach, VA gives the residents of this coastal town ample opportunities to grow and reinvent themselves. While the most common industry by a long shot is Health Care & Social Assistance, this doesn’t surprise real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA seeing as they live in a coastal city, thriving as a resort destination. The highest-paying industry, however, is the Management of Companies and Enterprises with median incomes of $95,000.

When it comes to occupations, realtors in Virginia Beach VA know that most employees work in Office & Administrative Support Occupations, with Management positions coming in a close second. However, the highest-earning occupation in Virginia Beach, VA is Architecture & Engineering Occupations with median earnings of $83,000. But don’t worry! If you are a part from the IT generation, Computer, Engineering & Science Occupations offer median earnings of $78,000.

Living in Virginia Beach, VA

Whichever direction you come from, it doesn’t matter as real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA will find you the perfect home for you and your family in no time. Once you get settled in, your first stop should be the beach and you’ll have plenty to choose from. The pleasant weather and unmistakable local vibe will beckon you to take at least a day off and enjoy everything this coastal town has to offer you.

Filled with family-fun activities, it’s no wonder that the city of Virginia Beach, VA is considered the best place to raise a family in the Norfolk area. WIth highly-recommended public schools and a multitude of entertainment opportunities, your family won’t run out of fun activities to enjoy. From the Virginia Beach Oceanfront packed with shops and restaurants, to Dave and Buster’s gaming shop, we’re sure your children will love it. However, realtors in Virginia Beach VA qualify this town as a great place to live for young professionals as well, especially those that want to start their life in a slow-paced environment where the little things in life can be enjoyed in peace. Just contact one of the top real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA listed above and you won’t regret it.

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