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The grand capital of the U.S. is reducing their crime rates as the years go by. With renovations happening in every neighborhood and an economy that has been growing over the past few years, life is getting safer than it had been in the capital. 

Reshaping the city improved crime rates

As one of the biggest and most populous cities in America, Washington D.C. benefited from major plans to remodel and reinvent those neighborhoods that had very low investments and high crime rates and transform them. Now the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Washington D.C. are attracting more millennials and young families. Dupont Circle, Capitol Hill, well known and established neighborhoods are now overthrown by areas that have dropped the cranes and will now catch your eye. Petworth, Kalorama and Park View are just some of the areas that got rebranded lately.

Washington’s crime rate then and now

We’re not saying the city of Washington D.C. is completely safe, as no major city can guarantee the safest environments. After all, the capital and one of the largest cities in the U.S is bound to have some crime. What we are saying, however, is that the crime rates have dropped astoundingly since the 1990s and for that, we couldn’t be happier.

When we look in the past and compare it with the current crime rates, Washington D.C. experienced a decrease by almost 50% in violent crimes. In regards to property crime, you might want to park your car in a secured parking lot as the only kind of non-violent crimes that did not decrease by at least 50% is vehicle theft. A car might also be an added hassle in the city of Washington D.C. that you don’t necessarily need especially if you live in the District.

The crime rate is expecting to drop more and more in the future

Considering the numbers we can see a serious improvement in the fight against crime in the city of Washington D.C. Some say that the process of gentrification had this positive impact, while others think that the law enforcement officers are just better equipped and better prepared to face the reality of the streets of Washington. Whichever is the real reason behind the positive improvement, we still can safely say that the city of Washington DC is safer.

The decrease had been steady, organized and calculated which is why the crime rate numbers are only expected to drop further. Make sure you read up on the neighborhood you are intending to move into and make sure that it fits with your lifestyle before you make a purchase. You can get in touch with our real estate agents in Washington D.C. for even more input on the areas that are safer in the District.


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