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Clermont Florida is well known for its beautiful suburban neighborhoods and its high population of “snowbirds”, wealthy retirees from the northern US who spend their winters in warmer climates. While this might give the town the image of a quiet, sedated town with very little crime, you may wonder whether or not this is really the case. Let’s find out! 

Crime rates in Clermont

Given the previously mentioned stereotypes of Clermont, one might be surprised to learn that Clermont is not the quiet subdued town that one might assume. While not outrageously high, Clermont’s crime rates are a somewhat more complicated subject than it might first appear.

Violent crime rates in Clermont Florida

As far as violent crimes are concerned, Clermont is noticeably lower than the national median, and even more noticeably the median for the state of Florida. Per one thousand residents, an average of 2.7 citizens will fall victim to violent crimes every year, as opposed to the national median of 4. This means that if you are planning to move to Clermont, you can rest easy knowing that you’re living in an area with a lower-than-average rate of violent crime. 

Property crimes in Clermont

While below the national average for violent crime, Clermont is much less impressive when you look at its property crime rates. Per one thousand residents, Clermont is actually a bit higher in property crimes than the national median of the United States. Burglaries occur at a rate of 4.74 per one thousand residents, as compared to the national median of 4.30. Theft is also higher, at a rate of 17.64, as compared to the national median of 16.94. On the bright side, Clermont is significantly lower in vehicle theft, seeing only 99 vehicle thefts per one thousand residents, opposed to the national median of 237.

Moving to Clermont

With a low housing market and a low rate of violent crime, Clermont is an excellent place to establish residence in. However, those seeking to move to Clermont will want to invest in some form of home defense, such as a home security system, to prevent break ins and burglaries. 

If you would like to make your home in the area, the first step you’ll need to make is finding real estate agents in Clermont FL to provide the professional help you need. Your new real estate agent will seek out the best neighborhoods and find a home in a neighborhood with low crime rates and excellent neighbors.

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