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What is a vlog?

A video blog (shortened vlog) is a type of blog in which the message is spoken, not written, and the medium is video. It is a form of web television made popular by YouTube. Vlogs cover many subjects and niches, from gardening to real estate, and are usually entertaining, casual, rather informal than formal, with a humoristic tone, sending a good feeling to the viewer.

What is a real estate vlog?

In real estate, vlogging is a tool that helps real estate agents with their personal branding. Be yourself, be natural and choose interesting real estate topics on which you can speak confidently. Through vlogging, old written posts can also be revived and updated.

How to make a vlog?

Real estate vlogs are about letting people in your life for a glimpse, to understand your job and your daily activities. Pay attention to your body language, to your speaking tone and rehearse before you film yourself. For more elaborate real estate vlogs you may need a team and more professional equipment. However, the most important part is the content you deliver. Film yourself in a bright location with good natural light. Always face the light source! The background should be simple, not too crowded. And you don’t have to film yourself in the same place every time.

Since real estate vlogs are new, these could easily propel your career. Put your name on YouTube and on most major social media platforms!  


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