What Is The Cost Of Living In Tampa FL?

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Of all the things that can make or break a city in terms of its livability, the single thing that takes the first spot is the cost of living. Gas prices, rent prices, utility costs, and food prices all play a part in determining the cost of living, and the cost of living will likely factor heavily into whether or not you move to the area you’re considering. If this area is the city of Tampa Florida, you’re probably curious to find out what the cost of living in the area is; so without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Utilities costs in Tampa

Utility costs are one of the more costly things about living in the city, for a number of reasons. Far and away the most costly part of your monthly utility bill will be electricity; as air conditioning is all but essential during most of the year. Other utilities such as gas, TV, and internet will also take a chunk out of your monthly budget, but electricity will still be your largest utility bill. 

Rent  in Tampa

Rent in Tampa is very bearable, with 24% of apartments priced under $1,000, and apartments can easily be found as low as $700 a month. This isn’t stupendously low, but it’s surprisingly low for such a large metropolis. 

Gas price in Tampa

Gas is fairly affordable, with a gallon costing around $2.30 and fluctuating up and down from this from time to time. This is low, but when you take into account Tampa’s lack of an extensive public transportation system, reliance on cars will likely make these low gas prices a bit less attractive. 

Food price

Food in Tampa is priced around average. You likely won’t be blown away by food prices, but one thing that may surprise you is the ready availability of healthy food options. Raw milk, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and eggs are all locally available, although somewhat expensive. 

If this cost of living sounds good to you, why not look into moving here? If this interests you, why not contact one of the top real estate agents in Tampa FL? These skilled real estate agents will help you find a listing that meets your needs, and get you moved in at the lowest price possible!


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