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From many different perspectives, the city of Alpharetta, GA is considered, all around, a great place to live. You can find countless lists where the city ranks among the best places to live, but in regards to Alpharetta, the small-town appeal continues to linger still without being overcome by its growth spurt that could affect the city’s atmosphere. It is easy to say that the city of Alpharetta GA is one of the best places to live once you’ve seen the beautiful lifestyle and people who live here. But something is commonly accepted about the city and that is its status as the technology city of the south. The statement itself seems too powerful once you acknowledge the fact that Alpharetta, GA has a little over 66,000 residents and is still considered a small town. But there is a saying about little things making a big difference and Alpharetta Georgia is definitely attesting to that fact.   

Good things come in small packages

With a population of around 3,000 only 35 years ago, the city of Alpharetta, GA grew tremendously so far and shows no signs of stopping. Being a part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, people might be led to believe that its proximity to the much larger city is to blame. Of course, that can also influence the population growth as Alpharetta is a suburb of Atlanta and is only 30 minutes away from it. However, one should not turn a blind eye on the city’s technology industry.

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city this small it might be expected for people to know about its small-town feel and family-friendly atmosphere. Well, Alpharetta is considered among the best cities to live in the USA and Georgia because of that, of course, but that is not the only reason why so many people move here. If you choose this town, you will not regret it as any real estate agents in Alpharetta GA will surely tell you.

The thriving technology industry attracts young professionals from all over the country as the city developed a fiber-optic network that drew in many data-heavy companies, big and small, old and new. The startup program backed up by the city’s leaders also welcomes entrepreneurs to venture and promote their projects and ideals in an environment that exhales success. With almost 600 tech companies the city is promoted as one of the best small towns in the country for starting a business.

And something else to be considered a bonus, Alpharetta's education system is above the national average with emphasis on developing thinkers, dreamers and successful members of the community in which they live. With Alpharetta’s safety ratings leaving nothing to worry about and a booming economy, the price tag of Alpharetta, GA might give you something to thinkabout.


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