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Having reached this page, you’re probably at least considering moving to Fairfax, Virginia. There are some things you should know about the city’s real estate market that real estate agents in Fairfax VA can easily share with you. Finding the area and house that would fit your family best can be a relative struggle in Fairfax, Virginia, especially if you are particularly worried about the cost of living. Because housing in Fairfax is priced really high compared to the rest of the state, it is crucial that you take no risk and reach out to our top realtors in Fairfax VA. Trust our experts to provide you with the best home deals if you plan to move to Fairfax. They have years of experience that can be applied to your real estate situation, regardless of whether you're planning to purchase, list, or rent a home in the city. Real estate agents in Fairfax VA will find the right house in the ideal neighborhood for you and make sure it suits all your needs. If you are not sure about buying a home here and you first want to prospect the area, renting is a good option. Realtors in Fairfax VA can provide you with all the information you need about renting. From documentation and all required formalities to the best places around the city where you can rent, the best real estate agents in Fairfax VA can help with all this from their past experiences. Keep in mind that the real estate agents that help renters charge no cost because the landlord is responsible for the real estate agent’s commission. Also, if you decide to sell a property, get assistance from one of the top realtors in Fairfax VA listed below. You have their contact information available, so getting in contact with them shouldn’t be a struggle.
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Local real estate agents in Fairfax VA


The city of Fairfax VA is a hotspot for the real estate market, and the prices here are really high, but with careful consideration and help from top real estate agents in Fairfax VA you can find really good deals. The quality of life known by all Boca Raton residents can be seen as one element that leads to appreciating real estate prices. In order to find the best home price, you also need an expert with abundant knowledge of the local real estate market, so check our list of top realtors in Fairfax VA. This is precisely what The Official Real Estate Agent Directory® has to offer. We created a community of highly skilled real estate agents in Fairfax VA that are ready to provide you with their expertise regarding their city’s real estate market and nearby locations.

Housing Market in Fairfax, Virginia

Regarding the city’s real estate market, local realtors in Fairfax VA helped us gather some information that you might find useful. Once you contact them, they will ensure the property’s correct evaluation and the listing’s prompt sale and make it convenient for both sides. Renting, buying, or selling is easier than ever now with the help of RealEstateAgent.com, and our hand-picked group of top realtors in Fairfax VA will ensure you have the best experience possible.


Now let’s see what that information actually looks like. As one of the best Virginia suburbs for young professionals and the 11th best Washington, D.C. suburb, Fairfax’s median age is 38, including a large number of underaged children. Real estate agents in Fairfax VA understand that this increases the demand for single-family homes, which already make up more than 55% of all Fairfax housing. The second-largest housing type is apartment complexes with 23%, and townhomes come in third with 19%. Small apartment buildings merely reach 2% of the Fairfax real estate market. 


When you ask the local realtors in Fairfax VA about the median home value in their city they won’t beat around the bush. Homes in Fairfax, Virginia aren’t the most affordable but you should think about everything else that this amazing suburb brings to your family’s table. The median listing price of $580,000 is the first element that seems like a blow. However, considering the city’s seller’s market, the median selling price climbs to $617,000. Based on information related by real estate agents in Fairfax VA, home values in the city appreciated by 7% over the last year. Housing values grew in Fairfax, VA, at a steady pace since 2015, but in 2020 the growth accelerated.

Job Market in Fairfax, Virginia

If you decided to keep reading after the housing information, you won’t be sorry. The cherry on top of this amazing Fairfax cake is the median household income. With a high cost of living, the median household income is meant to sustain the high quality of life available in this city. The local realtors in Fairfax VA are pleased to provide the information that working in their town leads to a median household income that is 88% higher than the US average. That means that you can expect a median household income of $112,000. The most common occupations in the city based on real estate agents in Fairfax VA are Management jobs, the most specialized are those employees working in Legal Occupations, and they are also the highest paid in the city with median earnings of $118,000. 

Regarding the industries available in Fairfax, Virginia, we learned that the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services are the most common industries while the least encountered are Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extractions. When it comes to the level of specialization, the Management of Companies and Enterprises are leading, which are also the highest paying industries with median earnings of $127,000.

Living in Fairfax, Virginia

With an overall rating that exceeds expectations on Niche.com, real estate agents in Fairfax VA, focus on promoting their city by drawing attention to the vast outdoor activities, the school ratings, high diversity without forgetting the high scores for the healthy way of life of the residents. Now that you found out more about this city scroll up for a second and pick from our list of experienced realtors in Fairfax VA. Satisfy your curiosities and find your own home in this family-friendly city.

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