Is Fort Myers Florida A Good Place To Live?

Answer for "Is Fort Myers Florida a good place to live?"

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The city of Fort Myers is a southwestern city in the state of Florida, that holds a population of about 75,000 people. This city allows people here to enjoy a calm and peaceful environment, in a place that is both vibrant, diverse and historically rich. Not only a major tourist destination, Fort Myers, FL is also a good place to live if you have a family and children.

Many say that their children enjoy high-quality education along with a family-friendly environment that offers them the best possible means of growing into a strong responsible adult. Many remember the city of Fort Myers, FL as the city of their childhood, because of the great memories they had there.

With a place that is great as far as attractions and amenities go, for both young people and older adults, it is also inexpensive to live in Fort Myers, FL. For a tourist destination of Florida, Fort Myers offers a really decent and affordable lifestyle. Let’s dig a little deeper and see if Fort Myers, Florida is a good place to live and how affordable it actually is?

Are there any good schools in Fort Myers?

 Fort Myers is known for having top schools that are rated based on academic performance, equity and a variety of other measures. This includes schools both in the private and public sectors. As far as public schools go, LeeCounty is home to the Lee County School District that manages public education in Lee County, Florida.


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About 90,000 students enroll every year within the district and it features some of the top schools in the state. Some of the top-rated elementary public schools are Edison Park Creative and Expressive Arts School, Three Oaks Elementary School and Rayma C. Page Elementary School. Middle schools that rank amongst the best in Fort Myers are Lee County Virtual Franchise and Cypress Lake Middle School. Two of the top-rated high schools in the area are Florida SouthWestern Collegiate HS-Lee and Fort Myers High School.

How affordable is housing in Fort Myers, FL?

Overall the cost of living in Fort Myers is slightly below the national average with a few units. When looking at the affordability of a city we take into account all the expenses related to living in a certain area or city. Therefore, in Fort Myers, FL, utilities, and housing are cheaper compared to the national average and the costs for groceries as well as healthcare are above the average of the US.

The median home value in Fort Myers, FL is about $190,000 which makes housing very affordable for a city such as Fort Myers. You can find plenty of homes for sale below the $200,000 price point although most of the homes listed will be between $200,000 to $500,000 range. Hiring one of the realtors in Fort Myers FL can help you get a really good deal on the properties you are looking for.

Overall, Fort Myers, FL is a safe city where you can easily raise a family thanks to the family-friendly environment. Also, the diversity of the city makes it feel very vibrant and lively, perfect for people of all ages and backgrounds.


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