What Is Gulf Shores, Alabama Known For?

Definition of "What is Gulf Shores, Alabama known for?"

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The southernmost community of Alabama, Gulf Shores is a city located on the Gulf of Mexico with a population of about 11,400 people according to the 2017 census. With over 5 million tourists that visit Alabama's Gulf Coast every year the city's economy is highly supported by its tourists.

A coastal community such as Gulf Shores has a subtropical humid climate and with hot sunny summers and warm winters, it is an ideal year-round destination. If you find yourself traveling to Alabama’s coastline destinations you might wonder how you can make the most out of it? What is Gulf Shores Alabama known for?

Is Gulf Shores known for its beaches?

The city of Gulf Shores has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Stretched for about 32 miles, the beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast are both beautiful and pristine. The calm and soothing waters of the Gulf of Mexico together with the white beaches of Gulf Shores constitute one of the main reasons why people travel to this city.

There are many ways you can spend your time on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. You can choose to spend your day in the sun trying to achieve that perfect tan or just go for a walk on the beautiful waterfront. Also, there are plenty of water activities and sports that you are able to practice.

What kind of water activities can you experience in Gulf Shores?

With shores along the Gulf of Mexico and countless waterways, Gulf Shores is an amazing place for paddling both on kayaks or stand-up paddleboards. Also, youhave the opportunity to experience the wild side by hopping on a dolphin cruise to see the dolphins playing in the waves. If you are looking for a more dangerous encounter with the wildlife, the backwaters hold alligators.


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Gulf Shores, Alabama is well known for the variety of fish that populate its waters, which makes it the ideal destination for fishing. The waters here in the Gulf of Mexico are perfect for fishermen no matter what level of expertise you have. You can experience the joys of fishing even if you are a beginner. Hundreds of fishermen board charter boats every day lured by the green-blue waters with the hopes of an epic catch. Walking away empty-handed rarely happens and with thirteen inshore artificial reefs, this place is a fisherman’s dreamland.

Is Gulf Shores known for any dryland attractions?

Gulf Shores is known for both water and land activities. There are more than 17,000 rentals in Gulf Shores, that offer stunning ocean views. From full-house residences to hotels, your options are countless in terms of housing. If the beauty of Gulf Shores has convinced you to relocate here than we have great news. With the help of our realtors in Gulf Shores AL, you can buy a home for a decent price and spend the rest of your days in this beautiful resort city.

Get to enjoy freshly caught seafood and fish at the local restaurants. Take a trip to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park and tour two legendary WWII ships. Visit some of the most iconic amusement parks and waterparks in the area for a family getaway. For all nature lovers, explore the beauty of Hugh Branyon Backcountry Trail for one of the most uplifting nature getaways.

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