What Are The Best Lead Generation Tools For Realtors?

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The year 2021 came with several drastic changes in the real estate industry, and real estate agents need to improve their game daily. Whether these changes were brought about by the pandemic or came as an effect of the increase in market competitiveness, keeping up with these demands seems nearly impossible without specially designed tools.

The upside of this is that there are many lead generation tools available for realtors. The downside is that you need to use these tools to maintain your profits at the same level. The age of technology has been advancing for the past few decades, and slowly but surely, it took over the real estate industry as well. In today’s market, the real estate classes you took no longer guarantee success even if you acquired the skills and know-how to handle yourself in the industry. Connections and finances for marketing campaigns will only take you to the base level. If you want to go above that, real estate marketing tools like lead generation tools are necessary. 

Precisely because of that, we will go over the best lead generation tools that realtors and real estate agents can use to up their game. We’ll go over the favorites and see their particularities, what makes them better than others and how you can use them. The sole reason for this is to ensure that you have all the tools at your disposal to make it as a realtor, whether you work


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ndividually or with a brokerage firm. So strap in!


With over 125,000 users, Infusionsoft is designed explicitly for small businesses. This tool aims to build effective relations between the company and its customers to increase the number of leads generated. The tool’s primary asset is the automation of marketing features, including social media activity and email responses. They will help you get started with the software through personalized coaching services, making it easy to use and increasing your confidence as a realtor. With simple commands, you will be able to generate mass messaging through text messages as well as automatic emails. 

The downside to using this software is that you will need some amount of computer know-how to set it up. Also, customization is minimal, so small businesses find it suitable for their needs.


The lead generation tool was designed by the company Salesforce. Pardot was created with businesses focused on business-to-business sales and marketing automation in mind. This tool is ideal for companies looking to improve their Salesforce CRM efficiency and insight by providing creative ways to generate leads. The lead deck that offers real-time updated information about your business’s activity will prove incredibly useful when you start using the tool. With this tool, you will always be able to know how each business-customer relationship is going on the main page. Customization is possible through this software, allowing you to tailor the tool for your particular needs. Together with Salesforce CRM, you will be able to provide excellent customer training and support. 

Some of the tool’s features are only available for PRO users, like API. Another downside is that if you designed a campaign in the wrong way, it’s challenging to restructure it to work with your needs.


Designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Marketo gives access to an online-based platform that will allow your company to start email marketing campaigns that will engage and preserve ongoing customer connections. Some of the features available through Marketo are sales insights, website personalization, marketing automation, budget management, analytics, social marketing modules, and lead development. If you’re trying to figure out how to generate more leads as a realtor, you’ve come to the right place. Their unmatched workflow flexibility attracts users, and it maintains its users by providing long-term personalization advancements and ABM.

However, you won’t get access to external records, and it might be tough to maintain cycle analytics precisely.


In order to find the best lead generation tool for your company, you must take the following features into account. Look into various marketing tools that can best apply to your business in 2021.

  • What problems and challenges need to be solved
  • How can you implement it
  • How much does it cost
  • How flexible are the customizations features
  • How good are the reporting capabilities


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