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To this day, many people consider Florida to be one of the best places to live. With an average of 237 days of sunshine annually, it is no wonder many people have set their minds to live here. Cost-wise, however, only some Florida paradises are affordable. In Clermont, Central Florida, we have found the ideal mid-sized city that combines eternal sunshine and affordable living spectacularly! 


Will Clermont, Florida, be a good fit for you?

Let's address the elephant in the room right off the bat! You might not get the feel of Florida's most sought-after coastal destinations overwatching the ocean here. Still, Clermont makes up for this with its standalone natural beauties, such as unique lakes. They provide the most revitalizing backdrop for your day-to-day life and the ideal location for mind-bending water activities. Secondly, living in Clermont Florida is peaceful, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of highly congested metropolitan areas. Do you need other reasons why Clermont would be a perfect relocation destination?


Clermont's economy was built on top of the most incredible citrus industry in the US, creating a solid bedrock for a thriving financial economy.

In short, these are the primary perks that make "The Choice of Champions" so special. Does a dreamlike relocation to Clermont intrigue you yet? Then, reach out to local real estate agents in Clermont Florida, to get the latest listings!

Clermont Florida is an excellent place to live, but like any city, there are pros and cons. Let's explore the most remarkable pros and cons of living in the town of Clermont Florida!


Here’s Why You Should Move to Clermont

Reasons to Avoid Clermont

  • The economy functions like a piece of machinery.
  • The job market is expanding, and wages are above the average.
  • The cost of living is lower than the Florida average.
  • Growing real estate market with affordable property prices.
  • Low crime rates.
  • Family-friendly and tranquil environment.
  • Beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Plenty of outdoor activities.
  • Few colleges and universities.
  • Disappointing nightlife. 
  • Uncontrolled and sprawling real estate development.
  • Traffic jams.
  • Lacking infrastructure.

The pros of living in Clermont Florida

Suppose you ever had the chance to live in Clermont, Florida. In that case, you are already familiar with everything that makes the city fantastic. Far from being dull or unattractive, Clermont has quite a few things in store for you if you plan to relocate here. Also, there are plenty of things Clermont, FL, is known for that make it an ideal place to live. Here are some of the pros of living in Clermont Florida.


Clermont, FL, boosts a well-oiled economy.

family taking selfie smartphoneA developing economy goes hand in hand with a thriving real estate market. It's no different in the case of Clermont, either. The Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area is famous for its booming economy, mainly due to tourism. Local businesses center on catering to visitors with plenty of restaurants, eateries, art galleries, boutiques, and theaters. And the results speak for themselves.


The city has a low unemployment rate, good wages, and a booming job market.

Clermont's 4.9 percent unemployment rate is below the American standard of six percent. Clermont's job market experienced a substantial annual growth of about 3.9 percent. Moreover, analysts predict that the local job market expansion will grow 53 percent instead of the US average of 33.5 percent. Top employers in Clermont, FL, are South Lake Hospital, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, Windy Hill Middle School, City of Clermont, and Imagine South Lake Charter. One thing is sure. With this prosperous job market, finding a well-paid job is easy in Clermont.


Locals and newcomers enjoy particular financial perks, such as a lower sales tax rate (7 percent instead of 7.3). In addition, the income tax rate is zero. We must remember that the median income in Clermont was about $72,000, 47 percent higher than the Sunshine State average. 


Clermont, FL, is quite an affordable place to live.

One thing that makes Clermont stand out from other places is that it offers residents an affordable lifestyle. The cost of living in Clermont Florida is close to the state average. The good news is that the cost of living in Clermont Florida is about 2.3 percent lower than the Sunshine State's! Undeniably, the highest expense in Clermont is housing, but it is still only five percent above the state average. It’s also one of Florida’s most affordable vacation destinations!


Clermont’s real estate market is growing fast.

birds eye view cityscapeSome might say this is both a pro and a con. In the past decade, Clermont's population almost doubled. This means that the demand for housing has also increased. From an infrastructural perspective, residents might be frustrated that roads are always under construction. More land is scheduled for development to accommodate more residential areas. In addition, retail projects are rising, which can positively influence your real estate investments in the city. Buying a property in Clermont can be a highly lucrative business!


In a nutshell, the local real estate market is booming. Gone are the days when Clermont's market dropped due to the pandemic. As of January 2024, on average, Clermont Florida homes for sale are available at $450,000. Property prices were down by about 0.5 percent since 2022. Despite Clermont's immense economic potential, real estate prices are still affordable. Yet, Clermont Florida homes for sale are still pricier than the US average (about $390K) and the Florida median real estate sale price of about $408,000. 


To the attention of homebuyers and sellers 

In Q1 2024, Clermont is a mildly competitive seller's market. Hot homes receive multiple offers, albeit often sell below the initial price. Listed properties stay longer on the market than the ones listed a year before. On average, Clermont Florida homes for sale spend 46 days instead of 35 days on the market. 


Real estate trends are changing in Clermont. The all-time highest median sale price was $500K in July 2022. Since mid-2022, prices have been slightly decreasing. Apparently, this trend will likely continue in the first quarter of 2024. As a result, we recommend buyers and investors purchase real estate ASAP before another hike in property prices kicks in.


Real estate investors planning to expand their investment portfolio might benefit from transactions in Clermont, FL. Long-term investments could yield a high return on investment, and homeowners in the area have an essential asset at their disposal. 


Clermont Florida homes for rent are affordable.

The number of Clermont Florida homes for rent is also increasing. As of February 2024, the average rent was about $1,500. The average apartment size was 789 square feet. Suppose you’re interested in a detailed list of Clermont Florida homes for rent. Then, you’ll find all the essentials here!


  • Rent a 482 Sq Ft studio at $933, on average
  • Rent a 789 Sq Ft apartment for $1,506
  • Rent a 1,146 Sq Ft two-bedroom Apartment at $1,777
  • Rent a 1,264 Sq Ft three-bedroom Apartment at $2,082


Check out the most budget-friendly neighborhoods in Northwest Orlando, Four Corners, and Minneola!


Clermont FL crime rate is below the national average.

crime rate ratio between numberDon’t you believe Clermont is synonymous with the ultimate family-friendly relocation destination? Look at the Clermont, FL crime rate, and you’ll be 100 percent convinced! First and foremost, the FBI Crime Data Explorer reported that the local crime rate has declined since 2020. In 2022, the total number of reported crimes was 71 instead of 93 as of 2020.


According to 2023 statistics, total crimes committed in Clermont were about 40 percent lower than the US average. Secondly, violent crimes registered in Clermont “fell behind” the American average by approximately 58 percent! Lastly, United States property crimes surpassed the Clermont median by 36 percent! 


CrimeGrade also rated Clermont FL crime rate an outstanding A+. They highlighted that “Clermont is in the 93rd percentile for safety,” implying that only seven percent of American cities are safer than our beloved community! Under such circumstances, our beloved Clermont most certainly qualifies as one of the safest cities in the US with affordable living!


Nevertheless, why don’t you use security cameras to boost your home’s safety? At the same time, you can improve your property’s market value!


Clermont, FL, has a family-friendly environment.

middle eastern parent having funOne thing that is hard not to notice is its small-town feel, which gives you that sense of community. Clermont has a family-friendly environment with great schools and plenty of things to do that you and your children will love. The "Choice of Champions" is a great place to raise a family because it is not your typical crowded and fast-paced city.


Clermont has a quiet and peaceful environment that offers gorgeous natural retreats perfect for spending precious time outdoors with your children. Because it is close to Disney World, you could also spoil your family with a weekend at one of the biggest entertainment complexes in the world.


Clermont has mesmerizing natural surroundings.

We have already briefly touched on how unique the natural landscape is in Clermont. Aside from the green areas and the beautiful parks, you have the charming lakes that make room for gorgeous lakefront real estate. Many homes are for sale around the lake if waterfront properties enthrall you.


Clermont is magnificent if you love living in a peaceful environment with many green areas, trees, and lakes. It is hard to find a place that offers many outdoor relaxation opportunities. Clermont is different. Only a few crowds or traffic may bother you from time to time. Generally, you can enjoy the sunny days on your porch, sipping your morning coffee and enjoying the gorgeous views.


Loads of outdoor activities and things to do in Clermont FL

fishing after long day sunset onThere are so many hidden gems in Clermont, FL, and you will never get tired of exploring all it offers, especially if you are an outdoor dweller. The immense hills and the gorgeous lakes make room for plenty of fun activities. Water activities include kayaking, boating, fishing, jet skis, and more. Clermont benefits from interconnected trails, allowing you to bike, walk, run, or stroll at your leisure.


The lake is also a place where people engage in numerous activities. There are plenty of things to do in Clermont, FL, especially around the lake. We can include sunbathing at the beach, swimming, or strolling along the majestic lakefront. Also, many people consider Clermont the perfect Angler's retreat because there are so many fishing spots perfect for experienced and beginner fishermen.


The challenging hills are perfect for Olympic champions who want to train. Did you know the trails allow you to ride from coast to coast if you are up to riding 250 miles?


See our recommendations for Clermont FL things to do!

Here's our rundown of the best outdoor activities in Clermont, Florida!


  • Lake Louisa State Park is the ultimate spot for nature enthusiasts! You can go hiking, try fishing, or have a picnic. It's immense and features lots of exotic wildlife. Several places in the Park are quiet and great for relaxing.
  • South Lake Trail: Do you love biking? Then, this paved trail will be an excellent choice for you! It goes by Lake Minneola, and the views are fantastic. It's terrific for fast bikers and slow cruisers alike.
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides. For a thrilling experience, get a bird's-eye view of Clermont's lush landscape. However, you must get up early to catch the Balloon Rides! From the air, you'll see all of Clermont. Trust us, it's an adventure to remember and to share with your grandkids!
  • Water Sports on the Lakes. Have you ever fancied spending a day out on the chain of lakes? You can do a lot here: ride behind a boat on a wakeboard, paddle in a kayak, or float in a paddle boat. Fun on the water doesn't get any better than this!
  • Historic Village. For a taste of genuine local history, visit the Historic Village! Learning about old times and seeing buildings dating back to the early 1900s will be surprisingly fascinating!
  • Waterfront Park. This park is by a gorgeous lake, delivering fun times for families. With a playground for kids and plenty of green space for a casual game of frisbee, you can run, play, or chill on the beach, making it a nice place to end a busy day.
  • ZipLine and Canopy Tours. Are you an adrenaline adventure-seeker? Then, you must check out the Canyons Zip Line and Canopy Tours! Zip across canyons and over water. Gliding through treetops and over cliffs will give you an adrenaline rush you won't soon forget! 


Remember that these activities were only a few Clermont FL things to do!


It is a quiet and tranquil city located next to the busy tourist city of Orlando.

portrait relaxed man blackWe mustn't compare the one-and-only Orlando and Clermont regarding entertainment and tourist attractions. After all, Orlando is one of the most visited cities in Florida, and the endless chain of amusement parks and entertainment complexes is mind-blowing. However, people living in Clermont FL appreciate the tranquil and calm atmosphere here while being just a couple miles away from one of the main tourist hubs of Florida.


Living in Clermont FL, you get to have a relaxing and slow-paced lifestyle. Still, if you want to go crazy on the weekends and have some fun, you are just 22 miles away! People in Clermont genuinely appreciate having such freedom, and it makes it even more appealing to live here. Clermont is predominantly known for its natural treasures. With that in mind, most people who enjoy an active lifestyle will take the opportunity to live in an environment with breathtaking views, lots of hills, and lakes.


The cons of living in Clermont Florida

Now that we have touched on the pros of living in Clermont, Florida, let's examine the downsides. Let's highlight some of the area's negative aspects so you can better understand it!


There are few options in terms of higher education in Clermont

Generally, Florida is regarded as one of the best US states for education. Clermont is known for having good elementary, middle, and high schools. Yet, when it comes to higher education, you have limited choices. Because of this, you might need to look for a college education in another city. However, there are many available options in the vicinity! Why don’t you check the following list? 


  • Lake-Sumter State College (present at multiple locations in Central Florida) 
  • The University of Central Florida (Orlando) 
  • The University of South Florida (or USF in Tampa) 
  • Everglades University (Orlando, Tampa, and other locations) 
  • Disney University (Orlando) 
  • The University of Florida (Orlando)


Because there is a need for higher educational facilities and infrastructure to support the hundreds of students in Clermont, many families will think twice before relocating here. However, the city is taking action, and new schools are being built to create a more favorable student environment.


Clermont lacks activities and things to do in town.

clermont florida usa christmas lightWith Orlando close to Clermont, most teenagers and millennials spend more time outside of Clermont because there is only a little you can do here. On the one hand, Clermont is a safe city with plenty of good restaurants. On the other hand, people admit that it lacks activities and attractions.


Most people who want to party and enjoy the nightlife often travel to Orlando. Most cultural events and business activities are limited to downtown Clermont (one of the trendy local attractions). Nevertheless, even life in the city center shuts down much earlier than in neighboring cities. Suppose you want to engage in fun activities and spend quality time with friends, either drinking, partying, or doing some crazy stuff together. In that case, it will probably not be in Clermont.


The continuously developing real estate and the lack of roads

Clermont has developed a lot since it was only a town with orange groves, woods, and roads. Back then, the only attraction was the Citrus Tower. While progress is good for the city, it implies pitfalls and reasons to be annoyed for many. For example, at least one construction site will likely be going on at any given moment. The real estate market in Clermont has undoubtedly developed a lot. Unfortunately, no one can say the same thing about infrastructure and the lack of roads. You can run into heavy traffic jams anywhere if your timing is terrible.


This could cause commuters a lot of headaches, mainly because our dear city is connected to Orlando and other important neighboring towns. However, improvements have been made, and they are still working on providing smooth access to Clermont.


Clermont Florida demographics

demographic image concept viewNow that we've covered the most significant pros and cons of living in Clermont, Florida, why don't we jump to other mind-bending facts about this unique city? First, let's discover Clermont's demographics!


Clermont (population 50,340 in 2024) is a constantly growing city in Central Florida. Can you imagine its residents were merely 3.3K in the early 1960s? World Population Review says the city’s annual growth rate is almost four percent! 


Let’s see the precise Clermont demographics by racial composition!

  • White Caucasians make up approximately 60.16 percent of the population.
  • Two or more races are present in 17.67 percent.
  • Black or African Americans are represented in 14.6 percent.
  • Asians make up about 4.26 percent of the population.
  • Other races are also present at about 3.25 percent.
  • The number of Native Americans is low at about 0.06 percent.


When studying the Clermont, Florida demographics, we discovered that the median age is 41.7. There are about 33,000 adults, including 10,600 seniors. About 70 percent of the population is a homeowner. Interestingly, approximately 23.41 percent of the population is a high school graduate. Secondly, 23.3 percent graduated from college, while 22.5 percent have a bachelor’s degree. Thus, we can confirm that most of the population has a higher education.


Intriguing facts and mind-bending trivia! Let’s get familiar with Clermont, Florida!

clermont florida landscape viewUnlike most Florida cities, Clermont is renowned for its beautiful hills and many gorgeous lakes. We suggest you visit Lake Louisa, the most extensive in a chain of 13 lakes! You shouldn't miss Lake Wales Ridge, a range of sand hills in the middle of Florida, either! The Lake produced the region's breathtaking rolling hills. Besides its standalone natural surroundings, Clermont is famous for its Citrus Tower, a 226-foot-tall structure built in 1956. The tower enables everyone to gain a bird's-eye view of the surrounding orange groves.


The marvelous town is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area, which results in countless economic perks. Did you know that Clermont was incorporated in 1916? If you are eager to learn about Clermont's history, see The Historic Village Museum, where restored historic buildings will offer you a genuine glimpse into Clermont's past. The city's impressive growth only began in the 2000s, when it drew new residents with its small-town charm and proximity to Orlando, Florida.


The city proudly organizes various yearly festivals and events. Most notably,  a weekly farmer's market became trendy as it displays fresh local produce and crafts. Clermont's triathlon community cemented the city's fame. Did you know this remarkable society is called the "Choice of Champions" due to the training facilities available for various sports?



Undeniably, certain things make the city of Clermont, FL, a great and welcoming place. For starters, it is not the typical Floridian city. Instead, imagine a community with a unique style that greets you with gently sloping hills, unusual for Florida. Clermont also features eye-popping natural landscapes peppered with plenty of parks, lakes, and green areas. Adventure aficionados will indeed have a blast here as outdoor activities will spoil them. 


Is Clermont, Florida, worth relocating to? I believe moving to Clermont should be a no-brainer! The place showcases numerous well-kept perks and a breathtaking green environment. During my short stay here, recharging my batteries came effortlessly. The local economy also convinced me. It works like well-oiled machinery boasting a low unemployment rate, a dynamically growing job market, and well-paying employment for all newcomers. Moreover, the cost of living in Clermont Florida is surprisingly reasonable. Expenses here wouldn't break the bank and my finances. 


The thriving economy triggered a developing real estate market. However, I must add that Clermont homes are becoming increasingly pricier. If I were to move here, I would purchase a property asap! I was also pleasantly astounded by Clermont's formidable and supportive community. The people here practically banished crime, making the streets safe. If we add the excellent school system, we realize that living in Clermont Florida mustn't be postponed!  


Nonetheless, some things make Clermont less appealing. The neverending real estate developments, new construction projects, and a lack of cultural and artistic events are disadvantages the city must address sooner or later. Additionally, the absence of higher education is a painful omission so far. Is Clermont one of Florida's best places to live? Ultimately, deciding if the pros of living in Clermont FL outweigh the cons is up to you. 


If you agree with our list of pros and cons of living in Clermont, Florida, leave a comment! What are the most outstanding aspects that make Clermont, FL, a great place to live? Please share and like this article and come back for more complex city analyses

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William William said:

Clermont is not the town is used to be. You can forget about the beautiful and aromatic orange groves hills along 27 that have disappeared. It was the most beautiful site in my opinion. And they're gone thanks to the money hungry developers and city/officials. Be aware that new housing, the houses are cramped together. So if you're looking for a peaceful small town atmosphere, look somewhere else because its gonna get worse.

Nov 09, 2022  23:00:34

Real Estate Agent

Hello William! We're sorry to hear that Clermont is going through a rough patch. We sincerely hope local officials will improve the situation and regain its former glory. Anyway, we most definitely appreciate your feedback!

Nov 15, 2022  11:17:32
Martha Key (Marcy) Martha Key (Marcy) said:

Is there real concern for aligators and snakes?I want to buy house butts up to conservation area

Jul 08, 2022  22:16:04

Real Estate Agent

Hey Marcy! Thank you for reaching out to us. When it comes to concerns related to snakes or alligators in swamp areas in Florida, considering that lakes and other bodies of water surround Clermont, there is a relative concern about these creatures. Still, as a swampy area, there is a risk, yes. If you want to check, you can get more information from the Clermont Wildlife Animal Control at 352-200-2360 and ask about particular areas.

Jul 28, 2022  11:34:22
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