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Our job at is to make the home buying/selling process easy for you by providing you with a list of real estate agents in Clermont FL. Over the years, we have developed a community of high-profile real estate professionals in Clermont, Florida. So, suppose you’ve decided that it is time to move to Clermont or within the city, to a different neighborhood, first. In that case, you must find the local real estate agents in Clermont FL, who really know the city and who can find the right property for your particular needs. Hiring any of the top local real estate agents in Clermont FL, to represent you as a buyer is free in most cases because the seller’s agent will split the commission with your agent. Are you selling a house in Clermont? Make sure you get the right price for your property by collaborating with the top realtors in Clermont FL, from listing to closing. You only sell a property once, so do it the right way and count on the experience and professionalism of one of the Clermont agents listed below. Since the real estate market is quite hot in the area, they know how to approach every type of residential or commercial property. Realtors in Clermont FL take a lot of pressure off your shoulders, from scheduling showings to getting all the paperwork done. Agents are more than intermediaries. If you’re not sure that Clermont FL is a good place to live, you can test the waters, literally and metaphorically, by renting. But to have the best experience, you must work closely with a rental agent. The local realtors in Clermont FL, who advertise on our platform can help you find the best place to rent and will help you with all the necessary documents. For renters, the assistance provided by the real estate agents in Clermont FL comes at no extra cost, since the landlord is responsible for the agent’s commission.
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Local real estate agents in Clermont FL

  • Tracy Wright ELITE badge icon

    Charles Rutenberg Realty

    Real estate agent in:

    Eustis, FL

    Orlando, FL

    Sanford, FL

    Altamonte Springs, FL

    Clermont, FL

    Winter Park, FL

    Kissimmee, FL

    Hiawassee, FL

    I speak: English

  • Alenka & Gustavo Fajardo ELITE badge icon

    La Rosa Realty Kissimmee

    • Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    • REALTOR®
    • The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    Real estate agent in:

    Winter Garden, FL

    Orlando, FL

    Clermont, FL

    Groveland, FL

    Apopka, FL

    Mount Dora, FL

    Tavares, FL

    Saint Cloud, FL

    I speak: English , Spanish

  • Regina Cruz ELITE badge icon

    Keller Williams Elite Partners III

    • Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    • REALTOR®
    • The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    Real estate agent in:

    Clermont, FL

    Minneola, FL

    I speak: English , Spanish


Do You Need Help From The Professional Real Estate Agents In Clermont FL?


Clermont is among the best places to live in central Florida. Not too far from the bustling Orlando, but not too remote to feel isolated, this city is in the best spot possible. But nobody knows the city as well as the realtors in Clermont Florida. They are constantly receiving information regarding the real estate market and they know the coolest neighborhoods as well as the most affordable ones. 


No matter what you intend to do in Clermont, whether you’re a first-time home buyer or an experienced investor, real estate agents in Clermont Florida are open to assist you during your next real estate transaction. They know that this is a turning point in your life to ensure that you are satisfied from start to finish. 


If you intend to sell a house in Clermont, the agent will get you the highest price for your property. If you want to buy a property, the agent will negotiate on your behalf and make sure that the seller has disclosed everything. The property is in good condition and the documents reflect the reality. 


When renting, being represented by a rental agent makes the move a lot less stressful. So, these are just a few reasons why you need the top-ranked realtors in Clermont FL, to help you navigate the local real estate market. 

Selling A House In Clermont


Your family has grown and the house you currently have has become too small? Or maybe you’re now empty nesters and the house is way too big for you two? With the help of a real estate agent, it is as easy as pie to sell a house in Clermont. The average price of a home in Clermont is around $270,000, but only the local real estate agents in Clermont FL, can price a property correctly, based on the local market’s latest data. 


When you work with real estate agents in Clermont FL, you have a higher chance of getting more money for your property than listing it yourself as FSBO. In fact, over 90% of homeowners choose to hire a real estate agent when selling a house in Clermont or anywhere else in the US. 


Buying A House In Clermont, Florida


It’s not easy to navigate Clermont’s real estate market, which is fairly hot right now. But with help from experienced real estate agents in Clermont Florida, you can find the right property for your needs and budget. But the most important part is the negotiation - a real estate professional knows how to fight for your best interest. 


So, hiring a buyer’s agent shouldn’t scare you at all. After all, it’s free! The two agents involved in the real estate transaction will split the commission, which means that the seller pays for your advisor and counselor. However, when buying a house in Clermont, it’s a good idea to get pre-approved even before you find a real estate agent. 


Renting A House In Clermont, Florida


If you really want to be part of this community, start by renting a house here. Real estate agents in Clermont FL, will not turn you down if you want to get help, whether you’re a Clermont resident or came from another state. Renting in Clermont is fairly cheap as the average rent is below the national average. However, 70% of the population here owns their homes. But how can a Clermont rental agent help you? 


First of all, they will filter all the vacancies and find the right match for you. Secondly, a rental agent will negotiate the rent on your behalf, depending on a few factors such as your credit score or the duration of the contract. And finally, the agent will help you with the paperwork and will inspect the house with you, helping you identify any repairments that the landlord should carry out. Keep in mind that it is free to use a rental agent when renting in Clermont. The landlords usually pay the commissions. 

Crime rates in Clermont, Florida

Another vital area of interest you might be concerned about is the crime rate in Clermont, FL. Luckily, you don’t have much cause to worry about these statistics if you’re planning on moving to this city: according to real estate agents in Clermont FL, they are adamant that their city is one of the safest in Florida! 


That’s right: the city of Clermont FL has some of the lowest crime rates in the states, with less than half the number of violent crimes that occur according to the national average, and substantially less property crime per capita than the national average. If you haven’t talked to one of the real estate agents in Clermont FL, be sure to mention these statistics when you do! 


So how low are crime rates in Clermont FL, exactly? Well, let’s take a look at the violent crime rate. According to real estate agents in Clermont FL, the violent crime rate in Clermont FL is a low 2 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, as compared to the national average of 4 incidents per 1,000 residents per year. 


As far as the property crime rate is concerned, things are also quite positive, if not as overwhelmingly so as their violent crime rates. At an average incidence rate of 17.5 incidents per 1,000 residents per year, the city of Clermont FL, is substantially safer from this perspective than the average city in the U.S. Be sure to ask the local realtors in Clermont FL, about this statistic next time you speak with one of them! 


Suppose you want to further lower your chances of becoming a victim of a violent or property crime in Clermont. In that case, there are a wide variety of common-sense crime prevention solutions you can implement in your personal and home life. Have a chat with one of the real estate agents in Clermont FL, and ask for their advice on the topic! 

Clermont, Florida, Real Estate Market

So, you’re all set and ready to buy a house in Clermont? Let’s analyze the market a little bit. The beautiful city of Clermont in Lake County is a great place to raise a family and is growing quite fast. Since 2010, the Clermont population has grown by almost 30%. The cost of living in Clermont is also lower than in the most expensive cities, which means that you don’t have to work so hard to make ends meet. 


The median household income is about $65,000 and is more than enough to cover the cost of homeownership as well as the cost of the rent. The local realtors in Clermont FL, offer superb lakefront properties and the views from the hills are absolutely spectacular. But don’t forget that Clermont is renowned for its National Training Center - a nursery of champions. 


So Clermont has increased in popularity because it empowers its residents to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The realtors in Clermont FL, are stating that the average home price in Clermont is about $270,000. There are about 500 properties for sale at the moment, and most properties sell for about 97% of the listing price, making it very lucrative for the local realtors in Clermont Florida. Although Clermont FL spreads over 11 lakes, the risk of flooding is quite low, but once you search for help from real estate agents in Clermont Florida, they will tell you if flood insurance is mandatory or not.

What is Clermont known for? 

The city of Clermont is one of the most beautiful places on Florida’s west coast. With beautiful white sandy beaches, an excellent real estate market, and a warm, friendly community, it’s puzzling that this city is not more well known than it is. Regardless of its lack of notoriety, it still has specific things for which it is known. 


So what exactly is this charming little city known for? And what can you expect if you choose to move there to live or retire? If you’re asking these questions, then you’ve come to the right place; because the local realtors in Clermont FL, have got the answers! Want to find out more? Keep reading! 


Clermont’s claims to fame

The city of Clermont has recently gained quite a bit of recognition among the retirement community as a great place to enjoy the golden autumn of one’s life. The beautiful beaches, tidy little neighborhoods, and selection of things to see and do all make this a one of a kind retirement destination. 


Another thing that sets Clermont apart from other cities is its excellent angling spots. This city is perfect for anyone who enjoys baiting hooks and casting lines! Whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater, the deep sea, or a shallow channel, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here in Clermont. 


The selection of fish that can be caught is nothing to be shrugged at either; with redfish, grouper, sea bass, and speckled trout all populating these waters, you’ll be hard-pressed to catch the same type of fish twice! 


If you find yourself falling in love with this charming little city, why not consider a move here? If you’re interested in moving, there is no better way to find a suitable piece of property than by contacting one of the top real estate agents in Clermont FL. These experienced real estate professionals will help you find the house that’s right for you at the lowest price possible. Before you know it, you might even be calling Clermont home, so start right now and hire the best realtors in Clermont FL.

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