What Is Alexandria Virginia Known For?

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With Washington D.C. and Arlington, VA so close by, there are people who overlook the city of Alexandria, Virginia during their quest to live in some of the most famous cities in the country. However, Alexandria, VA will always be known for its history as the third oldest city in the country. 


The city of Alexandria had been incorporated in 1749 which is decades before the capital that had been founded in 1790 or Arlington, VA that was founded in 1801. So, if there is anything that the city is known for and makes you want to live in Alexandria Virginia, is its fascinating history

Tobacco Conglomerate

The city came to be a city after the new settlers in the area demanded that a city be founded in order to further improve their trade. As a trading center, the city started exporting goods that were produced within the area and imported manufactured goods from other areas. The most important goods to be exported were grains, tobacco, and African slaves (before the abolishment of slavery).

Almost Capital

When George Washington drew the 10 mile square that was supposed to incorporate the country’s capital with every government and legislative branch necessary, what is now Alexandria, VA and Arlington, VA were part of the plan for the District of Columbia. However, as the plans were set into motion, even though both cities were retroceded, nothing came to be implemented in the lands that had been a part of the two cities. This is why, once the project for the District of Columbia had been finalized, the two areas regained their independence.

Historical Landmarks

Whether we’re talking about Carlyle House or Spite House, there are large and small historical landmarks sprinkled throughout the city of Alexandria, VA. It’s safe to say that any history enthusiast would love to spend at least a couple of weeks in the city, just so that they can walk the cobblestone streets, see the gas street lamps that are still hung in some areas of the city and glimpse at the good quality of life. Some might even want to live in the city and our real estate agents in Alexandria VA are more than happy to help.


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