Is MELROSE, FL A Good Place To Live?

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Published: Jan 22, 2024

Are you looking for a slice of reasonably-priced Floridian paradise? Well, look no further than Melrose, Florida (ZIP code: 32666). Melrose, this charming unincorporated community in Alachua, Putnam, Clay, and Bradford counties (population approximately 6,800), isn't your typical Sunshine State tourist trap. Life here moves leisurely, which is excellent for those who like to pause and breathe in the natural beauty. Think old-time charm with a dash of modern living. 


Why choose Melrose Florida?

You might be wondering what the perks of living in Melrose, FL are. Let me address this common inquiry with three simple facts:

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  • Homes in Melrose are super affordable.
  • The economy is rolling.
  • The surrounding natural beauties are aplenty.


From my own experience, Melrose is an exceptional place to live. Thus, I can relate to why moving to Melrose FL intrigues you, too. Why don't you reach out to me? I will walk you through all the mind-blowing advantages! I am your always reliable and easy-going local real estate agent in Melrose Florida, delivering the hottest deals on the market!


The real estate market in Melrose Florida provides budget-friendly solutions.

Most Florida destinations look gorgeous, yet they can be pretty overpriced. I guarantee you Melrose is one of the rare exceptions! As of December 2023, the median home sale price in Melrose FL was approximately $240,000, about 20 percent down since 2022. In the big picture, Melrose is more affordable than Florida ($402K) and the national median property sale price ($390,000).


No wonder properties sell fast, on average, after 23 days on the market. Many homes receive multiple offers, and chances are that you can secure a home under the list price. Melrose Florida is a somewhat competitive seller's market, where the housing demand slightly outweighs the supply.


Is investing in a residential or commercial property in Melrose Florida a good idea?

Considering the change in local market trends, the first half of 2024 is the optimal period to purchase or invest in real estate In Melrose. Property prices have dropped since October 2023 (when the median price was about $310,000). Homebuyers and investors will find a delightfully quaint residential area here, promising great economic potential at an advantageous price that will likely increase. 


Explore Melrose, FL, financial perks!

Let's start with the good news first! The cost of living in Melrose FL is lower than the American average and the Florida average by about seven percent. The local unemployment rate (0.7 percent) is also lower than the national average (3.7 percent), with the job market gaining momentum. However, it won't reach the same heights as the indicated American median of 33.5 percent in the next ten years. Still, with Gainesville and Jacksonville not too far off, commuters have options. Plus, telecommuting is on the rise here, too.


How is living in the sweet community of Melrose Florida?

billages fl street viewLet's talk frankly about living in Melrose beyond the dollar signs. This isn't the place where you'll find mega malls or neon-lit nightclubs intruding into your life. It's more your low-key festivals, community barbecues, and the friendly wave from your neighbor as you collect your mail.


If you've got kids, you'll be glad to know schools here are like those charming old-timey ones where everyone knows your name. I recommend the Melrose Elementary School and Keystone Heights Junior/Senior High School, which obtained outstanding ratings.

More prominent universities are pretty close, too, so you won't be isolated regarding higher education.


Melrose residents are like one big family. They've got each other's backs, sharing everything from sugar to life stories. It's the kind of place where new faces become familiar in no time at all.


Mother Nature's been really good to Melrose. 

The town cozies up to Lake Santa Fe, a spring-fed oasis ideal for pure relaxation and outdoor bliss. Water lovers and fishing fans, listen up because this is your playground, with some of the clearest waters you're likely to come by in these parts. 


Melrose delivers quality, family-friendly activities all year long. I advise visiting Rooterville Animal Sanctuary (with rescued farm animals and a butterfly garden), Melrose Historic District (enlisted on the National Register of Historic Places!), and Blue Water Bay, serving incredible food!


The bottom line

Melrose isn't your average North Central Florida relocation destination. But one thing is sure: it offers a more laid-back atmosphere and family-friendly community vibes than any other! If you're after a slice of the good life where your dollar stretches further, and you can actually hear yourself think, Melrose, Florida, could very well be the place to hang your sunhat.


Do you need the lowdown on Melrose homes or a nudge in the right direction? Contact me at your earliest convenience! I can hook you up with an affordable home based on your housing requirements.


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