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Who wouldn’t want to live in a tranquil and charming seaside town? Suppose you subscribe to this carefree lifestyle. In that case, keep reading because we might have stumbled upon your next dream location! Find Bar Harbor (population slightly above 5,500) in Hancock County on the spectacular Mount Desert Island and along the stunning Maine coastline! This fantastic natural setting hosts an economically thriving, family-friendly community. If you contact the best local real estate agents in Bar Harbor, Maine, they will confirm all these assessments are genuine! They will also tell you that Bar Harbor is one of the oldest US towns. Our charming city was founded in 1763. Now it constitutes the primary gateway to the renowned Arcadia National Park, one of the top ten trendiest national parks in the States. The numerous advantages this place has will make you want to move to Bar Harbor at once! In that case, we suggest you get in touch with professional local real estate agents in Bar Harbor ME at your earliest convenience! They will inform you about the most affordable and topical housing options available in the region. So, let’s say you want to buy a waterfront home in Bar Harbor on a budget. Or you might be into purchasing a condo, a single or multi-family property in Bar Harbor. Top local realtors in Bar Harbor ME can bring you any real estate on a silver plate. And locating a low-cost piece of land won’t pose a problem to these expert local realtors in Bar Harbor either!
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Cities near Bar Harbor ME, covered by our real estate professionals


The same rule applies to rentals in Bar Harbor as well. If you consider renting a unit in Bar Harbor to be the better fit for you, call top-tier local real estate agents in Bar Harbor ME! Our ‘special agents “are up-to-date with the latest rental listings. Thus, you won’t have to spend your time browsing for a reasonably-priced apartment or inexpensive house nearby! 


You may have heard home prices are through the roof in Bar Harbor. Undeniably, the cost of real estate for sale in Bar Harbor has increased significantly lately. For this reason, it’s quintessential that you reach out to local real estate agents in Bar Harbor ME when selling your home. A house sale in Bar Harbor can get perplexing with all the official paperwork, appraisals, home evaluations, staging, and negotiating a fair price. However, if you work with top-rated local realtors in Bar Harbor Maine, you won’t be exposed to the tiring hassle and stress. So, by contacting licensed local real estate agents in Bar Harbor ME, you can lean back, enjoy your free time, and expect the best outcome! Selling a home in Bar Harbor goes smoothly and effortlessly with competent local real estate agents in Bar Harbor ME!


Let’s dive deep into the complex local real estate market in Bar Harbor, Maine!


We’ll tell you upfront; homes are high-priced in Bar Harbor, so you’ll need a reliable source of income to buy real estate in town. Proficient local real estate agents in Bar Harbor ME reported that the median home selling price was about $680,000 as of September 2022. The current number implies an approximately five percent drop in real estate prices since 2021. 


Looking at the bigger picture, we realize that Bar Harbor properties are more expensive than the Maine average by about 78 percent. Secondly, regional real estate prices have soared to almost double the national average of $385,000 as of September 2022. In addition, you’ll find homes for rent in Bar Harbor at a price of about eleven percent higher than the state average. 


For this reason, the housing market in Bar Harbor doesn’t qualify as competitive. Currently, properties sell hard. Thus, sellers in Bar Harbor must expect an average of 58 days to sell their houses or condos. Additional bad news for them is that properties sell four percent below the list price. On the other hand, home buyers can negotiate a better price. To untangle this Gordian knot, we recommend getting reliable local realtors in Bar Harbor ME on the horn! They know the ins and outs of the industry and will find the best solution for house seekers and home sellers in Bar Harbor! 


Discover the intriguing local economy in Bar Harbor, Maine!


It’s only reasonable to explore the local economy before entertaining the idea of moving to Bar Harbor. For this purpose, local realtors in Bar Harbor ME will inform you that the unemployment rate (seven percent) is higher than the US average (six percent.) Still, you shouldn’t worry about low unemployment because job growth is climbing! 


Secondly, the cost of living in Bar Harbor is about twelve percent higher than the national average and about sixteen percent pricier than the Maine median. Nonetheless, the good news is that the local median income is relatively higher than the American average.  


Besides the thriving tourism, residents in Bar Harbor are primarily employed in the retail trade, manufacturing, health care, social assistance, and educational services. The top local employers are Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Maine Seacoast Mission, Mount Desert Island Hospital, Bar Harbor Inn, and Bar Harbor Bank & Trust.


Bar Harbor, Maine, delivers top entertainment! 


The best course of action to fully explore the delights Bar Harbor offers is leaving your car behind and discovering the beautiful sights on foot. For starters, enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise at Frenchman Bay from Agamont Park! This is the ideal spot to marvel at the sweeping views of Bar Harbor’s natural beauties, such as the Porcupine Islands.


Then visit the trendiest local tourist destination, the Arcadia National Park! The venue, founded in 1916, encompasses about 48,000 acres of pure natural awesomeness! The Park lies on several neighboring islands, such as Mount Desert Island, Isle Au Haut, and Schoodic Peninsula. Virtually, you can’t name an activity that’s missing from their colorful repertoire. Therefore, you can go camping, canoeing, hiking, and riding your bicycle or a horse, for that matter. Visitors can indulge in various education programs and highly entertaining amphitheater presentations. 


Downtown Bar Harbor hosts numerous locally-owned businesses, such as Choco-Latte, run by the Acadia Coffee Company. The place will surely win you over with its gourmet chocolates and fresh breakfast. Besides, the venue is the favorite hang-out place for established local real estate agents in Bar Harbor ME. We suggest you see the Abbe Museum to explore Bar Harbor’s colorful history in-depth. The museum features one-of-a-kind exhibits presenting the local Native Indian tribes’ lives. Besides, it features glimpses into Bar Harbor’s more recent history. It goes without saying that we have barely scratched the surface of the must-see places in Bar Harbor. If you’re intrigued by the most gorgeous locations, local realtors in Bar Harbor ME can point you in the right direction!


Is moving to Bar Harbor, Maine, worth your while?


Bar Harbor is a closely-knit community that features small-town vibes and transmits a state of chill and calmness to all its residents and visitors. For this reason, we primarily recommend Bar Harbor to families and young professionals. Expect clean and safe neighborhoods since the local crime rate is considerably lower than the Maine average by 58 percent. Furthermore, Conners-Emerson (public) School is considered exceptional and scored 9/10.


On the downside, the local housing market is quite pricey. However, you can still find low-priced properties if you give licensed local real estate agents in Bar Harbor ME, a shout-out! Moving to Bar Harbor will seem an excellent idea once you inspect the region’s economic prospects. For instance, tourism flourishes in this coastal town because it showcases many open-air and indoor activities throughout the year. 


All in all, our charming town has obtained an outstanding livability score of 73 percent. As a result, it has become one of the best places to live in Maine (number 12 of 117!) If you still have doubts about relocating to this idyllic place, give skilled local realtors in Bar Harbor ME a holler!