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Located in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley, West Virginia, the independent city of Harrisonburg (previously known as Rocktown or The Friendly City) is the ideal location for families, aspiring young professionals, and businesses. Undoubtedly, Harrisonburg is most famous for its nationally renowned James Madison University. The facility draws new talents from around the States to the city, ready to experiment and revitalize the region’s scientific, economic, and artistic sceneries. Yet, most of all, the place excels in providing house hunters with affordable housing options. Why don’t you test this by contacting expert local real estate agents in Harrisonburg, Virginia? Subsequently, agents will inform you about additional astonishing perks of moving to Harrisonburg. Does a city with a first-class education, family-friendly neighborhoods, and low crime rates impress you? Then, look no further than the one and only Friendly City! Get a first-hand experience of what life in Harrisonburg truly means! Step Nr. 1: getting you a decent home on a budget in the city! For this purpose, get in touch with top realtors in Harrisonburg VA today! Don’t leave buying a home in Harrisonburg to unpredictable circumstances! With top-tier local real estate agents in Harrisonburg VA, you can purchase a cost-effective and fantastic property downtown Rocktown or in highly praised neighborhoods. Let realtors in Harrisonburg VA fix you up with a single- or multi-family house, condo,  or townhomes! By all means, you can invest in lands and lots listed in town. One thing is sure; buying a home is an exciting and low-cost adventure with experienced local real estate agents in Harrisonburg VA! You can also choose to look at cheap rentals listed on the local housing market. Searching for a rental in Harrisonburg alone or online can be time-consuming, perplexing, and stressful. Don’t let finding a suitable rental unit get the best of you! Instead, reach out to skilled local real estate agents in Harrisonburg, Virginia. In a blink of an eye, they will deliver the most recent and splendid apartments and homes for rent in Harrisonburg. Working with top-notch realtors in Harrisonburg VA will find you the property for rent you dreamt about!
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Selling a home in Harrisonburg is a great idea since prices are rising on the market. Again, don’t let chance set the amount you receive for selling your property! Call licensed local real estate agents in Harrisonburg VA, asap! Once you get in touch with realtors in Harrisonburg VA, you can lean back as these agents will list, market, and stage your real estate. Then, they will negotiate the best price you won’t refuse. In the meantime, these fantastic agents will guide you through the financial paperwork a house sale in Harrisonburg implies. Thus, you’ll know what expediency, practicality, efficiency, and promptness mean! 

Investigate the unique potential in the real estate market in Harrisonburg, Virginia!

In the last three years, real estate prices went up and down in Harrisonburg in April 2022, peaking at slightly above $300,000. As of May 2022, the best local real estate agents in Harrisonburg VA, reported that the median home sale price was approximately $290,000. This value marks a 45 percent increase since last year. Still, property prices in Harrisonburg are more affordable than the Virginia average by about 21 percent. Likewise, rentals in Harrisonburg are cheaper than the state average by 27 percent. 

It’s an exciting period to be an investor in The Friendly City. Homebuyers seem keen on purchasing real estate since homes stay on the market for an average of seven days. It’s a definite improvement over last year’s numbers (62 days.) At the same time, sellers can also profit from this competitive real estate market. Since properties are in high demand, they can obtain a great return on investment, frequently above the list price by five percent. If you’re intrigued by your prospects on the housing market, why don’t you give proficient realtors in Harrisonburg VA a shout-out? 

How does the local economy perform in Harrisonburg, Virginian? (Spoiler: it’s absolutely incredible)

Harrisonburg’s unemployment rate is around five percent, meaning it’s lower than the national average of six percent. The recent job growth show signs of genuine rebirth. Moreover, according to market analysts’ predictions, the Harrisonburg job market will exceed the average American job development in the next decade. 

The cost of living in Rocktown is significantly lower than the US average by about eleven percent. Nevertheless, a resident ends up with a lower median income than the average citizen in America. Similarly, the median household income is slightly below the national average of $53,500. To find out more details and a quick update on the local economy, turn to knowledgeable local real estate agents in Harrisonburg VA with confidence!

Suppose you wish to establish a business in Harrisonburg. In that case, the place might fit you like a glow. The city highly encourages and assists companies in setting foot here. For this purpose, Harrisonburg Economic Development provides businesses with incentive programs (for instance, the Sales Tax Rate is lower than the US median), various services, possible venues, and even technical assistance.

Recently, the local economy in Harrisonburg, VA, has excelled in information technology, security, and health businesses. We should mention Rosetta Stone, Serco, and SRI International, among the most notable investing companies. Besides, the following industries are thriving in the area: transportation, logistics, food processing, and manufacturing (represented by Cargill, MillerCoors, Danone North America, etc. ). Realtors in Harrisonburg VA highly advise you to check the city’s booming job market!

What you always wanted to know about Harrisonburg, VA, but were afraid to ask.

Harrisonburg has a total area of 17.39 square miles. Since its inception in 1779, Rocktown’s population has steadily been growing. In 2022, they counted about 51,600 residents in the city.

Once you learn about this lovely city’s spectacular natural borders, you can’t help exploring them one by one! Nested in the Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg is a short drive away from the fantastic Blue Ridge Mountains and Parkway. Plus, your jaw will drop once you behold the most impressive watershed in the region called Blacks Run! Terra Overland is an adrenaline-pumping joyride leading you through the George Washington National Forest, Appalachian Mountains, and Shenandoah National Park. So, you’d better buckle up for this wild drive!

Don’t believe Harrisonburg runs short of must-see things, though! Art lovers will rejoice at 150 Franklin Street Gallery. Take your juniors to the Discovery Museum, where they can learn fun things interactively. However, kid-friendly local real estate agents in Harrisonburg VA advise you to visit the “Dream Come True Playground” carefully! Once there, you won’t be able to leave with your children soon. For adults, realtors in Harrisonburg VA suggest seeing the unmissable James Madison University and the White Oak Lavender Farm & The Purple Wolf Vineyard! 

Rocktown, here we come!

Why is moving to Harrisonburg, Virginian, such a great idea?

Unquestionably, The Friendly City has taken center stage in West Virginia with self-confidence. Top-rated local real estate agents in Harrisonburg VA will confirm that real estate market-wise, the place features homes tailored to your budget. Neighborhoods are safe and family-friendly, boasting crime rates lower than the national average. Once you move to the former Rocktown, you’ll find a genuine sense of community regardless of your chosen area. As a result, ethnic and religious diversity blossoms here.

Secondly, due to low sales and property taxes, business life is speeding up. Besides, the local government shows an emphatic interest in embracing and providing for local businesses. Then, the job market is promising, showcasing many new well-paying vacancies. Attention, young and established professionals! You can pursue a bright career in virtually any domain. And let’s not forget about JMU! The University gathers sparkling minds capable of making a change in society. Apart from this excellent faculty, Harrisonburg provides students with a nationally renowned education. For instance, our pupils outdo the national average in math and spelling contests. 

Despite all the financial successes, Harrisonburg retained a small-town feel. Suppose you’re craving first-class recreation. In that case, you can recharge your batteries in the attractive surroundings and within the city as well. Besides some rare weather extremities, such as severe storms, and high humidity, realtors in Harrisonburg VA can’t bring anything against this city of pure awesomeness.

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