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One of the most exciting places to visit or live in Arkansas is definitely, the city called Hot Springs. It is a resort city and is well-known for its thermal springs. Besides enjoying the naturally heated waters, its residents and visitors can indulge in many outdoor activities. Real estate agents in Hot Springs, AR, said the city is suitable for various exciting ventures due to its alpine surroundings. What more relaxing thing to do than take a stroll down the ancient paths while inhaling the crisp, fresh mountain air? I bet you can’t say no to all of these alluring features. Hot Springs, AR, also has plenty to offer if you are more into living on the wild side. You can enjoy kayaking, biking, horseback riding, and off-road driving through many trails. Some of each are pretty challenging and will make your blood rush through your veins. If you don’t want to take our word for it, the local realtors in Hot Springs, AR, gladly invite you into the city. Hot Springs, AR, has a mild climate, a prosperous business community, a rich history, and a low cost of living. These characteristics make the city suitable for its residents, realtors, and visitors. Real estate agents in Hot Springs, AR, can offer you some helpful information about the real estate market in the area. If you want to buy or rent a place,  the local realtors in Hot Springs, AR, are more than happy to help you.
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Below, the local realtors in Hot Springs, AR, left us with some insightful information about the best characteristics of the city, its location, demographics, living costs, and rich history. 

Location of Hot Springs, Arkansas

The city is located in the Ouachita Mountains and is the county seat of Garland County. The center of Hot Springs, AR, is the oldest federal reserve in the United States and is now preserved as Hot Springs National Park. It was created to protect the 47 naturally flowing thermal springs on the southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain. Ancient inhabitants believed that the hot spring water possessed healing properties.

The local real estate agents in Hot Springs, AR, are proud to call their city a great place to live and an excellent place for visiting and sightseeing if you want a pleasant, quiet environment. Among the most popular places to visit, we can name Garvan Woodland Gardens, Bathhouse Row, Hot Springs National Park, Anthony Chapel, Lake Catherine State Park, and many others. Here you can indulge in multiple outdoor and indoor activities, like hiking, enjoying the luxurious spas, admiring the exhilarating displays at the local galleries and museums,  or just relaxing at the regional inns. Countless things you can do while being here without overspending your budget. 

Real Estate agents in Hot Springs, AR, can provide you with more information about the best locations to buy or rent in this beautiful, tranquil city.

Hot Springs, AR,  Demographics

Hot Springs's population is approximately 38,000, and it is the 11th most populated city in Arkansas.

The largest Hot Springs racial/ethnic groups are White ( 66.4%), followed by Black (16.8%) and Hispanic (10.2 %).

Besides its inhabitants, Hot Springs, AR, is the city host of a large number of tourists. A New National Park Service ( NPS) report shows 2.1 million visitors to Hot Springs National Park in 2021. They spent $154 million in communities near the park. That spending supported 2,200 jobs and benefited the local economy by $208 million. It also created new job opportunities, which also had a positive impact on the economy. 

Because of these aspects, real estate agents in Hot Springs, AR,  give us helpful information about investing in real estate in the area. How would you feel about owning a small cottage that overlooks the beautiful mountainous landscapes or an Airbnb suitable for youngsters and families searching for a short weekend getaway? I bet it doesn’t sound bad at all, and you will undoubtedly be able to make some profit. 

Living Costs in Hot Springs, Arkansas

When determining the cost of living, real estate agents in Hot Spring, AR,  suggest considering the state income tax rates, average housing rental prices, average property values, and more. 

The local realtors in Hot Springs, AR, say that living here offers residents a dense suburban feel. It is suitable for families, retirees, and young professionals. 

Buying a home in Hot Springs, AR, might be a good idea, considering the median home value is $187,800 compared to the national average of $229,800.  

Real estate agents in Hot Springs, AR,  also informed us that rentals here are cheaper than the national average ($749 compared to the national average of $1096 ). Thus Hot Springs, Arkansas's cost of living is 4% lower than the national average. It might not seem like a lot, but considering the area's facilities, investing in Hot Spring, AR, might not be such a bad idea. 

Also, on the plus side, healthcare services such as doctor check-ups and dentistry cost 11% less here than in the U.S. average. 

The public schools in Hot Springs, AR,  are highly rated. Thus if you want to provide your children with good education, the city is a good option.

Real estate agents in Hot Springs, AR, say that selling a home in this city might be pretty easy, considering all the abovementioned aspects. 

History of Hot Springs, Arkansas

Real estate agents in Hot Spring, AR, could also offer insightful information about the area's history.  Hot Springs, AR, comes from the world-famous thermal waters flowing into the city's historic downtown district. It is the only American city nestled within a national park. 

Native Americans visited the area long before the settlement of the Europeans in the New World. Hot Springs turned out to be a place where various tribes would gather to enjoy the healing properties they believed were contained by the thermal waters of the springs. 

American Civil war (1861-1865) had a significant impact on the community of the area. Hot Springs's population severely declined, with most residents moving to Texas and Louisiana.

After the Civil War ended, the city underwent a construction boom of bathhouses and hotels. 

Among the numerous hotels and bathhouses that sprang up in the area were those built outside the federal park. In the 1920s and 1930s, such gangsters as Al Capone and George ‘’Bugs” Moran frequented these places. 

The city of Hot Springs has had many notable residents throughout the city’s history, the most famous of which is former president Bill Clinton, who spent his childhood here. 

Hot Springs, AR's dwellings reflect the city’s rich history, making it a great place to live or just admire the marvelous sightseeing. 

If any of these aspects have raised your interest in finding a place to stay in Hot Springs, AR, don’t waste any time and get in touch with one of the local realtors in Hot Springs, AR. You will most definitely not regret your decision to do so.