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nice good looking man holding carAs a real estate agent, let’s face it: the image and the way you present yourself influence the clients' perspective of you. That might seem superficial at first glance, but first impressions matter. A well-groomed, neat image might be perceived as respect towards yourself and the person you interact with. It is why many realtors wear nice suits, have the latest gadgets, and drive expensive cars. Now, you may wonder which are the best cars for real estate agents and how a nice vehicle can influence your business. 


Outward appearances can easily sway clients. But if we put ourselves in their shoes, we’d likely understand why. So, what’s the deal with cars and realtors? 


It’s often believed that pulling up in a high-end vehicle might make you appear more competent and accomplished. However, in this article, we’re diving deeper to help you pinpoint the perfect wheels for impressing clients while ensuring their comfort.


Do you need a car to be a real estate agent?

When you choose to become a real estate agent, you must have considered that you would not stand still at your desk all day. In this industry, you must be on the move, constantly doing something to keep your business going and growing. You will often need to go across town to see a new property or meet with a customer, and commuting by bus, tram, or subway isn’t an option when your presence is required fast.


Property tours made easy

So, besides the marketing activities that bring you new leads, you also have to search for properties and visit them with interested home buyers and renters. That's why driving a client to a property is professional and necessary. Just imagine meeting your client at the subway, hopping on, hopping off, and then walking the remaining blocks on foot. In a car, you complete your service by taking care of the logistical part, picking up the client to see the new house. Not having a vehicle or being unable to drive is one reason real estate agents get out of business


Trade tool for real estate agents

You can’t always rely on public transit (when you visit a property without a customer), even though the top cities with the best public transportation provide impressive alternatives. Besides, many homes might be in the suburbs, leaving you with few costly options without a car. (Rest assured, though - hitch-hiking is not among them.) So, do you need a car to be a real estate agent? Absolutely, yes. Get your driver’s license first, and if your real estate brokerage doesn’t have a car ready for you, buy one. The car is like any other trade tool for real estate agents - you can’t reach your highest potential without it. The last thing you want is to turn clients down because you can’t reach their address simply because they are too far out of town. And how would you sound if you had to wait for someone to pick you up for a meeting? Not very professional nor trustworthy, that’s how.


Why do real estate agents need a car:

  • They have to drive around the city quite a lot.
  • They have to be able to get from point A to point B in a relatively short period.
  • They have to meet with clients and other real estate professionals in different places throughout the day.
  • They can’t waste time relying on the public transportation network.
  • They need flexibility, and a car provides just that.
  • They use the vehicle for their business, so they can deduct some expenses related to it and lower their taxable income.
  • They may use the vehicle to advertise their business with a nice car wrap.
  • They can also pick up the clients when visiting properties, thus getting to know each other better.


The best cars for real estate agents in 2024

tesla white car on roadAs a real estate agent, your car is like your second office on wheels. You need something spacious enough to haul around signs, documents, and all sorts of gear but still sleek and professional-looking for client meetings. That means a comfy sedan or SUV with plenty of room in the back and all the tech goodies like navigation, Bluetooth, and hands-free calling to keep you connected on the road. Plus, you’ll want something that sips fuel rather than guzzling it, since you’re constantly zipping around town. And let’s not forget reliability - the last thing you need is your car breaking down when you’re on the way to a showing. 


Best selling car brands in 2023

To help you decide which car suits you best, we will reveal which brand sold the most cars in 2023: Ford. According to Statista, Ford sold 1,921,172 vehicles in 2023, followed by Toyota with 1,781,698 and Chevrolet with 1,694,214 units. However, consumers have more trust in the cars that proudly carry the Toyota or BMW logo, according to the same Statista. 


Pickups are also very popular in the US and last longer. Ford F-Series holds the record for being the top-selling car in 2023 in the US. It has sold more than 750,000 units. During 2023, the Chevrolet  Silverado and Toyota Rav4 were also in high demand. Other cars that you can spot quite frequently are the Toyota Camry, Toyota Corollas, and a few models from Honda, such as Accord and Civic. What makes the last two brands so popular? They offer affordable and dependable cars that are easy to purchase by people from all income levels, regardless of their credit scores


Most people are concerned with affordability and efficiency, which are key aspects for many when selecting a car.  According to Motor1, the three models that drove the farthest on one gallon of fuel were the Mitsubishi Mirage, Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Sedan, and Toyota Corolla Hatchback. 


Top cars for realtors to impress clients

mercedes e class amgEvery year, car manufacturers have a new model release, a new alphabet letter, and a higher digit attached to it. Even if you purchased a car last year, it is already old and outdated. It fades in front of the latest model, although it may still look modern and luxurious. Who can buy a new car every year? Well, that’s not the point. Even when it comes to the best cars for realtors, they aren’t precisely like mobile phones, commodities that you change every year when the new model is released. I mean, you can, but it’s not sustainable for your business or the environment. To impress clients, all you need is a clean car. And if you professionally carry yourself, you stand a very high chance of being hired by your client, thus making more sales. 


However, most people like to do business with “their kind of people,” so when meeting clients, try to understand their expectations. If you feel that your car may suggest that you are overcharging, rent a car for one day or use a relative’s to maintain a low profile. At the end of the day, your job as a real estate agent is not to impress your clients with your possessions but to help them buy, sell, or rent their homes.


But if you’re really interested in the top luxury cars for realtors, here are the top three choices for 2023:


  • Mercedes Benz E-class: The Mercedes-Benz E-Class embodies luxury and elegance. It offers real estate agents a sophisticated and opulent experience with its smooth ride, cutting-edge safety systems, and spacious cabin.
  • BMW 5 Series: The BMW 5 Series blends technology, performance, and style. Real estate professionals who appreciate comfort and sportiness often choose it because of its elegant exterior, comfortable interior, and superb driving characteristics.
  • Audi A6: The Audi A6 is a well-rounded premium sedan that combines cutting-edge technology, comfort, and performance. Real estate agents favor it because of its carefully designed interior and ample space. 



Top cars for environmentally conscious realtors

ev car electric charging station powerThe year 2023 came with a few kinks in its system that we struggle to cope with. The economy has been hit on most fronts, and many blame countries or governments for not handling the crisis correctly. If we go to the base of the problem, however, we can’t hide behind the trees anymore. Why? Because there aren’t many left. We can hide behind refineries. There are plenty of those. Or … we can be responsible real estate agents and try to implement sustainability in our business. 


As new cars are introduced every year from every manufacturer, it is easy to see that more eco-friendly options are available. We all know of Tesla and its focus on green cars. The company sold over 498,000 vehicles in 2023. For example, the 2024 Model S starts at $76,000 and can be yours with only $7,663 down if you can afford to pay about $1,176 per month on a loan or $1,174 on a lease. Also, the 2023 Inflation Reduction Act has a perk for eligible businesses and tax-exempt organizations: They can snag a credit of up to $7,500 when they decide to purchase a brand-new Tesla vehicle. And here’s the kicker: This credit applies to Tesla vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of up to 14,000 pounds. So, if you’re eyeing a Tesla within that weight range, this could be a sweet deal for you. Still, they aren’t the only ones who see the economic advantages of focusing on environmentally friendly vehicles. In 2023, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, and many others were launching new eco-friendly automobiles that were independent of fossil fuels. 


But which were the top EV pics for realtors in 2023? Here are our top three:


  • Tesla Model S: Known for its state-of-the-art electronics and electric powertrain, real estate professionals love the Tesla Model S. It has long-range capability, a roomy and opulent interior, and a modern look that makes an impression on customers.
  • Toyota Prius Prime: A Toyota Prius used to be only a very efficient means of transportation. But the newest model also boasts impressive aesthetics to match its extreme usefulness. In EPA testing, the most recent Prius Prime achieves 121 MPGe and up to 53 MPG overall while delivering 220 horsepower. The plug-in hybrid can also travel up to 44 miles without using petrol while transporting you and your gear. Despite not being entirely electric, it is still a more eco-friendly alternative to cars running on gasoline.
  • Tesla Model 3: For real estate agents dedicated to sustainability and cutting-edge technology, the Tesla Model 3 is another appealing option. This all-electric sedan has a giant touchscreen display, a minimalist interior, and a smooth ride. It also accelerates rather well. The Model 3's low running costs and environmental advantages might align with the ideals of environmentally aware real estate agents, even though it does require access to charging infrastructure.


As global warming receives increasing attention, clients might appreciate a realtor who cares about the environment. Investing in an electric car will benefit your image as a real estate agent and help your budget and the environment.


Last year, we witnessed a remarkable surge in Americans choosing electric vehicles (EVs), with a whopping 1.2 million buyers making the switch. These stats from Kelley Blue Book, a trusted name under Cox Automotive, highlight our growing preference for electric rides. To put it simply, over 1.1 million shiny new EVs hit the roads, showing just how much we’re embracing this electrified future. According to Kelley Blue Book’s estimates, EVs snagged 7.6% of the total U.S. vehicle market in 2023, a significant leap from the 5.9% back in 2022.


Recommendations for beginner real estate agents

car credit concept man dreaming aboutIn the US, 280 million cars had an owner in 2023. Every adult in the US seems to drive a vehicle; however, many households have more than one car. Today’s society depends on them for daily activities, like going to work and driving children to school, and they are highly convenient when you need to get somewhere fast.


Should you have a separate car for your business?

A common question may arise: "Should you have a separate car for your business, or can you use the family car to drive around for business purposes?” This depends on what type of family obligations the family car is used for and the kind of car your family has. For example, a motorcycle might not be the most suitable choice for a real estate agent, but they are prevalent in the US.


It is a good idea to have two cars as a family. If you’re just starting, don’t put too much emphasis on the vehicle you drive. Don’t fret over the top car to impress clients. Focus, instead, on learning and investing in yourself. Invest in marketing! Once you become successful and your business has picked up, you can drive a more expensive car and work with a different type of clientele you couldn’t have reached before.


How to choose the right car?

A real estate agent’s car is supposed to be comfortable for the clientele niche that you’re aiming for. A Bently might not be the right car for a real estate agent if their clientele is looking for affordable housing, nor is a Prius a good option when you’re presenting a luxury waterfront property. However, driving a nice car you can afford is a way of proving your success, but showing off isn’t a good idea. Upgrading your vehicle as you upgrade your clientele is one way of securing more commissions in the future. 


Consider buying a used car

Another advice for rookie REALTORS would be to buy a used car at first, especially if they also have a mortgage to pay every month. The best cars for realtors don’t have to be expensive. So don’t put too much pressure on your finances by leasing a car. Like other commodities, cars don’t last forever, and you can replace them in just a few years. The best cars for real estate agents have to be clean and professional. If you change it with a better-looking option that was recently launched, know that the best car for a realtor is one that drives you from point A to point B. 


Why do so many real estate agents drive nice cars?

backview of a porsche sport carAs we said earlier, clients are often struck by the first impression. But it depends on the real estate niche you have chosen. A luxury car may help if you’re dealing with high-end clients in upscale neighborhoods. But if you’re focusing on affordable housing for an average person, driving an expensive car may intimidate your clients, making them think you are not the right match. Some clients may want to feel that you are all on the same level. Sometimes, an ostentatious appearance is a turn-off. It doesn’t foster communication. You want to be able to relate to a client interested in affordable housing and not show up in a car that’s too flashy and might intimidate them. However, if you show up in a vehicle that’s been taken care of and is clean, and if the model is more average than high-end, they will feel more comfortable. The opposite applies to high-end customers. Know the phrase, dress for the job as it applies to your car.


However, real estate agents drive nice cars not because they want to show off but simply because they can afford them. After tightening the belt for years, they now enjoy a well-established place in the real estate market, a good reputation, and many positive reviews. And how did they get there? One of the proven strategies for success is to join a reputable real estate agents directory, such as RealEstateAgent.com, which can help you market your business and get qualified leads, among the many other advantages of joining.  


Author’s conclusion

Remember, a car works as a business card, a well-tailored suit, and a means of transportation. Don’t let yourself be deceived by the popularity of a particular brand. Low fuel consumption is paramount since you’ll spend much time on the roads. 


You can also consider your car an extension of your personality. How do you want to be perceived by people? Do you want to stand out as an ostentatious, flashy real estate agent or a more down-to-earth fellow, ready to meet their client’s needs? Also, think of your clientele. Are they looking for high-end properties or more affordable options? This aspect should also be taken into consideration when selecting a vehicle. But as in most situations, a good rule of thumb is to have balance. I would personally choose an average or slightly above-average car to be relatable to clients with different budgets.  


As your real estate business thrives and brings you more clients, feel free to add to your luxury car collection and enjoy more horsepower when you’re not working. For your everyday meetings, though, try to balance your car with your level of professionalism and your vehicle with your clientele. There is no point in driving an expensive car when you’re just starting, trying to get a hold of this vast and dynamic industry. Choose wisely and drive safely!

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