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If you’re starting to think about moving to Melbourne, FL, get ready to launch yourself into a new lifestyle surrounded by technology advancements within Florida’s Space Coast. While it is the center of high-tech aerospace development in the area, Melbourne, FL, is also an oasis for natural explorations, beach life, and any outdoor activity you could possibly imagine. It is why so many people confuse it with holiday destinations. We’re not saying that it is not a holiday destination, but it’s so much more than just that.

Located on the east coast of Florida in Brevard County, Melbourne has over 87,000 residents within its borders but over 600,000 in the Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville metropolitan area. Only a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Orlando, it is close to many high-end attractions from the big city, including Universal Orlando, where the magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located. With so many interesting attractions and its affordable cost of living, Melbourne attracts new residents and visitors alike as one of the best places to live in Florida.




With the Atlantic’s eastern shore only a short drive away, many people come here as the lifestyle available in this Space Coast city is something that many people dream of. With waterfront properties, an economy focused on tourism, and the tech industry, the city of Melbourne, FL, seems to have a great recipe for a stable future. Stability is a very sought-after concept in an unstable economy, so Melbourne, FL, has experienced a population increase of 2.66% since 2020, when the last census occurred. The annual growth rate is around 0.5%, and in Melbourne, FL, there is a population density of 1,918 people per square mile over the 50-mile span of the city.


Because the city focuses on the tech industry and the Space Program, there is a large influx of millennials seeking jobs in these futuristic industries. This is why Melbourne’s population has a median age of 41.4.

Racial Diversity

  • Caucasian residents 76.22%;
  • Hispanic residents 12%;
  • African American residents 10.2%;
  • Asian residents 3.2%;
  • Two or More Races residents 7.1%;
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.2%.


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Pros and Cons of Living in Melbourne, FL


  • Endless activities
  • Incredible nature
  • Educational system
  • Cost of living
  • Employment
  • Weather
  • Healthcare


  • Lack of nightlife downtown
  • Potentially dangerous animals
  • Lack of geographical diversity
  • Hurricanes and red tides
  • Property insurance
  • Safety statistics
  • Limited public transportation 

woman making risk research

Living in Melbourne is a great fit for those who love being active outdoors and enjoy the benefits of a thriving community. While living on the Space Coast has its ups and downs, Melbourne has a lot to offer as a place to call home. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Melbourne such a wonderful place to live and some of the minor inconveniences that might make you hesitate.



You might look at the list of pros of living in Melbourne, FL, and start packing your bags. You can feel like that because Melbourne has a quality of life similar to major cities without the hectic life that comes with living in a great metropolis.


Endless activities

Even though Melbourne, FL, has a little over 87,000 residents, the activities available within the city’s limits generally keep its residents occupied throughout the year. With unique parks, fantastic nature, and thrilling activities open to the whole population of Melbourne, FL, it is doubtful that you’ll find yourself bored in this city. As it is a medium-sized city in Melbourne, FL, you have chain restaurants known throughout the state or the country and local restaurants with their specific atmosphere, quirky attitude, and welcoming hosts. The city of Melbourne, FL, offers endless activities without the fuss and bother of the big city life.


Incredible nature

As mentioned above, many activities in Melbourne, FL, are available in the lovely outdoors. As part of the Space Coast and a coastal city, the city of Melbourne, FL, makes every water sports enthusiast feel at home. But that’s just half of it. You can enter some wildlife oasis within many of the parks across the city. Just go for a walk in Erna Nixon Park, and you’ll completely forget that you’re in the middle of Melbourne, FL. Lush nature is allowed to express itself in the best way it knows, and the city of Melbourne, FL, makes it easy for its residents to enjoy the fantastic outdoors.


Educational system

melbourne florida institute

Within Melbourne, FL’s borders, you find some of the greatest schools in the nation. This school district has several high schools acknowledged by U.S. News & World Report’s Best High School rankings, making it a great place to live for families with small children. For instance, Brevard County Public Schools recently managed to rank 5th in the state of Florida. Students from across the country come here to attend the Florida Institute of Technology, which has been listed among the best U.S. Universities.


Cost of Living

 One of the main reasons so many people choose moving to Melbourne, FL, is the affordable cost of living. While some parts of Florida have a cost of living that is among the most expensive in the country, that’s not the case with Melbourne. Overall, the expenses in the city of Melbourne, FL, are 8.4% lower than the rest of the country, and as the biggest cost is housing, the median home price in Melbourne is below the Florida average. The median home price in Melbourne, FL, was $367,956 in December 2023, much lower than the state average of $389,325.



When it comes to the job market, Melbourne has a wide variety of job opportunities. As expected with how developed certain industries are, the technology, aerospace and defence companies are the ones where one might get higher incomes in Melbourne, FL. Many international companies made Melbourne, FL their home and that led to further development in the economic sector. Considering the fact that this city is home to one of the most important Space Programs in the world there will always be a need for aerospace engineers and professionals. Other important employers are the healthcare system, retail stores and manufacturing industries.



Moving anywhere in Florida guarantees year-long summers, and the city of Melbourne is no different. With an average of 242 days of sunshine, any outdoor activity is available throughout the year. Whether those activities are water-related or other outdoor things to do in Melbourne, FL, you will be able to enjoy the great weather any day of the year. Year-round farming is also possible, as the growing season lasts most of the year, and you can always have fresh vegetables.



Melbourne, FL, prioritizes community health, with numerous hospitals and medical facilities offering top-notch care, including mental health, rehabilitation, and primary services. Collaborations between local physicians and nearby learning institutions ensure access to advanced treatments and technologies, resulting in better resident outcomes. With 208 physicians per 100,000 people (just below the US average) and a favorable health cost index, Melbourne is an attractive and affordable choice for better healthcare. 



For those thinking that there can’t be anything that might make them reconsider moving to Melbourne, FL we made a shortlist of cons so you have all the facts before making a decision. Take the following cons into consideration before making a purchase as they might affect the area where you are considering to invest in real estate.


Lack of nightlife in downtown

three men watche footbal

While many activities are available in the city of Melbourne, FL’s downtown area, there isn’t much nightlife to enjoy. There are several pubs and clubs, but most will close shortly after midnight, with only a few staying open till 2 am. For those who like to go out and party all night, maybe Melbourne, FL, isn’t the right place for you. While there isn’t much nightlife to enjoy, there are cities in Melbourne’s proximity that can offer that. For those who decide to move to Melbourne but still want to spend long nights clubbing, Orlando is relatively close and has plenty of exciting nightlife.


Potentially dangerous animals

The state of Florida is known for the presence of some rather dangerous animals. While Melbourne, FL, wildlife isn’t as deadly as its Australian counterpart, you do need to be careful and watch out for alligators. These sweet water creatures are a part of Florida’s ecosystem, and with the wetlands and canals that can be found throughout Melbourne, there is a risk of running into some of these predators. If or when you meet face to face with one of them, don’t hug the alligator as their kind of cuddles might not suit your physical capabilities, and don’t let your dog play in swamps or canals.


Lack of geographical diversity

Overall, the whole state of Florida is mostly a flat surface. There aren’t many hills in Florida, or mountains, for that matter. The highest point in the state is in the northern part of the state and goes only to 345 feet. In Melbourne, FL, the same case applies regarding geographical diversity. This leaves the area flat and less exciting for those who are more attracted to hiking than they are to surfing.


Hurricanes and red tides

We could write ballads about the weather in Florida, but even ballads have their climax. Regarding Florida’s weather, and by extension, Melbourne’s, unfortunately, you can’t have 242 days of sunshine and hot temperatures without the risk of hurricanes. Hurricanes are an effect of the tropical climate in most parts of Florida, and flooding can also occur with them. A good thing about Melbourne’s location is that the risk of hurricanes is less here than in other coastal areas of Florida. Still, there is a certain level of risk, but this is known all across the Florida coast. Aside from the hurricane season, Florida and Melbourne are also affected by red tides.


Property Insurance

With hurricanes comes another con directly related to that sheer force of nature. When shopping for houses, it is highly recommended that you request information about insurance costs, whether from real estate agents or insurance companies. If the area where you are looking for real estate has a higher risk of flooding or severe hurricane damage, your home insurance costs might skyrocket. The information isn’t difficult to obtain, but it will save you from a rather unpleasant surprise later.With hurricanes comes another con that is directly related to that sheer force of nature. When you go shopping for houses it is highly recommended that you request information about insurance costs. Whether from the real estate agents or from the insurance companies. If the area where you are looking for real estate has a higher risk of flooding or severe hurricane damage, your home insurance costs might skyrocket. The information isn’t difficult to obtain but it will save you from a rather unpleasant surprise later on.


Safety statistics

Statistically, crime rates in Melbourne, FL, are 6% higher than the national average, but in terms of violent crimes, the numbers are lower than the national average. According to a survey conducted by, 69% of Melbourne, FL residents feel safe in the city, while 25% feel very safe. However, we can’t exactly say that it’s among the safest cities in Florida as it has lower safety scores than the state to which it belongs. Although it might feel like a safe city, the numbers make it statistically less safe than Florida’s average. 2,454 crimes happen in Melbourne for every 100,000 residents; in Florida, that number stops at 1,825 for overall crime. There are some safer suburbs around the city of Melbourne, FL, where residents are less at risk.


Limited public transportation

Melbourne, FL, is definitely not among the cities with the best public transportation in the U.S. In fact, the options are limited. The system relies mainly on buses, with limited train or subway options. If you’re not a fan of driving, it might be a bit inconvenient as certain parts of the city could be hard to reach. Here’s how people living in Melbourne, FL, usually commute to work:

  • Most folks, around 80.1%, prefer driving;
  • Some, about 9.4%, like carpooling with others;
  • Around 4.4% work from the comfort of their homes;
  • Only a small percentage, just 0.7%, go for public transportation.  


The real estate market in Melbourne, FL

for sale real estate sign

The following information is necessary for anyone considering relocating to Melbourne, FL. With affordable housing costs, the city of Melbourne, FL, attracts many young families, millennials, and young professionals looking to start a career in one of the many growing industries in the city. A quick look at Zillow will tell you the median home value was $367,956 in December 2023, and rental prices ($1,407). 


As the homeownership rate changes, many young professionals, students, and millennials are shaping the rental market. Only 51.2% of homes are owned, 35.8% are rentals, and the rest, 13%, are unoccupied. This often happens in cities that are also college centers, as it is more affordable and accessible for students to rent an apartment or home than buying real estate.


Other details worth mentioning are the age of homes in the city of Melbourne, FL. Over 58% of the real estate market was built between 1970 and 1999, while only 15.2% are newer than that. With many historic areas within the city, 26.7% of homes have been built before 1969. Despite this, there is a broader diversity regarding types of housing. While 55.1% are single-family homes, 28.1% are apartment complexes, and 7% are small apartment buildings. There are also 4.8% townhomes and 5% of mobile homes available throughout the city of Melbourne, FL. Browsing through some of the most perfect waterfront homes for sale in Melbourne, FL, will be challenging, as quite a few options are available. For a more manageable overall experience, you can contact some of the best local real estate agents in Melbourne, FL, and they can provide you with a list of homes based on your specific requests.


Best neighborhoods in Melbourne, Florida

residential neiborhood subdivisionWhen considering moving to Melbourne, FL, you might be interested in which neighborhoods are the best. To make your decision easier, we’ve thoroughly researched and compiled a list of the best five neighborhoods based on their livability scores.   


1. Suntree

Tucked away in the north part of Melbourne, you’ve got Suntree - a thoughtfully planned community with a mix of homes, townhouses, and condos. The streets are well-kept, the greenery is on point, and the schools are top-notch. It’s the kind of place that suits both families and those looking to kick back in retirement. Plus, there are cool extras like golf courses, parks, and shopping spots that make living here convenient and downright enjoyable. 


2. Viera

Just a skip west of Suntree, there’s Viera, a community that’s been growing like crazy. You’ve got options, from starter homes that won’t break the bank to luxurious estates. Schools here are top-notch, parks are beautiful, and there are many things to do, like hanging out at Viera Regional Park. Oh, and let’s not forget the Avenue Viera shopping center, where you’ve got all sorts of shopping and dining choices to explore.  

3. Eau Gallie Arts District

For the artsy souls and those craving a tight-knit community vibe, Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD) in historic Melbourne is where it’s at. Imagine art galleries, studios, museums, funky shops, and restaurants all in one spot. And every month, there’s this buzzworthy First Friday Art Walk that showcases local talent and brings folks in from all around. 


4. West Melbourne

Head a bit further west, and you hit West Melbourne, a spot that’s sprouting up with homes, businesses, and industrial spaces. The schools are great, parks are kept in tip-top shape, and you’ve got access to major highways. Families and professionals are finding it hard to resist. Plus, there’s a variety of shopping and dining hangouts, like the famous Hammock Landing shopping center. 

5. Lake Washington

If you’re all about the quiet country vibe, set your sights on the Lake Washington area. Think big lots, homes with some serious charm, and a serene lakeside scene. It’s the kind of place where you can soak up the peace and quiet but still be a quick drive away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s city center. 


Living in Melbourne, FL, is just wonderful, considering all these things, despite the minor inconveniences. From its beautiful beaches to all the fun things you can do and its rich history, there’s something special about living here. Whether you’re here for work in the tech industry or simply because you love the beach, you won’t want to leave once you're here. 


Personally, I love how Melbourne combines modern conveniences with natural beauty. What about you? What’s your favorite thing about Melbourne? Let us know in the comments. And if you know anyone who’d enjoy living in a charming beach town like this, don’t forget to share and like this post. Let’s spread the word about Melbourne’s charm on Florida’s Space Coast! 


Comments for Pros And Cons Of Living In Melbourne, FL

Florence Esper Florence Esper said:

Is it safe for a college student

Nov 19, 2021  23:27:32

Real Estate Agent

Hey Florence! Thank you for reaching out to us. Just like any other city, Melbourne, FL, has safe areas and parts of the city that aren't the safest. Overall, safety ratings in Melbourne, FL, show a decrease in both property and violent crimes. However, one part of the city stands out, and that is E University Boulevard. This might be of interest to you if you consider becoming a student in Melbourne and want to live close to the universities. Still, there are ways to go around that, and realtors in Melbourne, FL, can help you out.

Nov 25, 2021  06:36:44
Sheila Sheila said:

Looking for 3bed2bath2 car garage laundry room screened lanai one floor 2010 or younger mid 200,000

Jul 03, 2021  23:46:05

Real Estate Agent

Hi Sheila, Congrats. Sounds Great!! Please give me your information so I can get an angent to contact you. I will need a phone number and an email address. Thank you.


Sue Taylor 

Jul 05, 2021  09:26:11
Hector Ritondale Hector Ritondale said:

looking for a house to purchase in Melbourne.

Jan 07, 2021  09:14:26

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Hector! Thank you for reaching out to us. We are more than happy to help you with your home purchase. If you go to our directory page, you can get in touch with a real estate agent by typing in the area you are interested in finding one, and you will receive an extensive list of agents that can help you with your home purchase. You can also reach out to us via live chat or by contacting us directly at the phone number listed at the top of the page. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Jan 11, 2021  11:59:08
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