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The Nampa Idaho Real estate market is a great option for a young family looking for a great environment to raise their children and grow financially. Located in the Canyon County, Nampa is the second biggest city in the state (losing only to Boise) and has a population of over 85,000 people.

When in the market to buy Nampa Idaho real estate you will find a very diverse population. Catholic, Christian, Mormon, Jewish, Presbyterian and Nazarene have a big presence there. And – refreshingly – its government is held in high regards all around: Nampa was ranked number 2 as the best run city in America! That’s not nothing.

School District 131, for instance, has a program where kids graduate high school and start college already as sophomores, skipping the freshmen level, because they already take several classes in connection with their choice of field of study; whatever that is: medical, engineering, arts etc. But we’re talking about the public school system! No charter school – although Nampa and cities nearby like Eagle, do offer charter school options. On the superior education level, Nampa is home to the Northwestern Nazarene University (NNU) and the College of Western Idaho (CWI) a community college.

Culture wise, you have the Ford Idaho Center, a city owned entertainment complex with several different venues for different shows. From a seated arena, to a amphitheater and indoor sports locations. Aside from hosting local minor league teams (with major fans!)  you will be able to see worldwide famous acts playing there. Even the Rolling Stones have performed there!

Nampa Idaho real estate agents will tell you also that you will become a healthier person if you decide to take a bite of the Nampa real estate. Just like the rest of the state, Nampa has a lot of outdoor activities opportunities, but, unique to it, is the ability to walk around. Thanks to its smart and close-knit development, Nampa is not as car dependent as other cities - not only of Idaho, but the whole Northwestern region. You won’t be disappointed on working with Nampa Idaho real estate agents to find a sweet deal on the ever-inviting Nampa Idaho real estate market.