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New Plymouth is just a… strange quirky town. And we mean it in a nice and endearing way!

It’s a really small town – 1,500 people! – but it’s so full of quirks. From the way it was baptized after Plymouth, Massachusetts – by pilgrims from Chicago who wanted to prove irrigation was a great way to develop the country – to what’s probably the biggest New Plymouth real estate landmark: the world’s biggest horseshoe!

Called “The Boulevard”, the horseshoe is actually a residential area in the shape of a horseshoe! It has a large park right in the middle of the horseshoe and a system of ditches that parallels the streets and drains into a canal. Landowner’s of the area pay for a shared access to the irrigated water. It made sense back in the day, because both of the Chicago settlers’ plans of promoting irrigation and because most of the New Plymouth real estate was intended for farming. Nowadays, it just became a fun fact and tourist attraction, because they use the water for gardening and watering lawn only.

But if it was just that, we would call New Plymouth old-fashioned and not quirky.

New Plymouth is also innovative! Ahead of its time! They have a Frisbee golf course – that’s right, a golf course where instead of balls in holes, you throw Frisbees at goals…- and the famous Truckstop was born there and, although they have long became nationwide with offices in 4 different states and even one in Canada -  it still has the main headquarters there, employing more than 60 people.

If you like fun, different, quirky places, then you should talk to the New Plymouth real estate agents and see a few options of the New Plymouth Real Estate; you won’t regret!


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