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If the lovely city of Sandpoint, Idaho is calling to you, buckle up as we’ve got a few things to tell you about it. You can ask any of the local realtors in Sandpoint, ID and they’ll tell you the same thing. With its pristine location of three mountain ranges and the beautiful Lake Pend Oreille constructing its geographical borders, the town of Sandpoint is truly mesmerizing. The population falls short of 10,000 residents and the remains of the lumber industry can be clearly seen at an elevation of just over 2,000 ft. It was tourism, however, the industry that attracted its population as real estate agents in Sandpoint, ID can show. With its four-season climate and breathtaking geography, the city has a year-round average temperature of 47° that rarely goes higher than 90° in the summer. Snowfall is common during winter having a few days of temperatures that drop below freezing. Realtors in Sandpoint, ID have a vast variety of activities to entertain new residents with, which are more limited in other climates. The influx of population makes real estate agents in Sandpoint, ID busy with listings and sales. With this influx, the median age of the city decreased over the last decade and is currently at 42 years old. This also turned the attention towards the public schools in the district which are the best in the county. The city’s safety ratings also simplify the work realtors in Sandpoint, ID have to do here, as this town is safer than 68% of the cities in the U.S. Averaging around half the crime rating of the state, Sandpoint attracts new residents every year with a 2.4% annual growth over the last few years. Real estate might be an interesting subject for those looking for real estate agents in Sandpoint, ID so we’ll get right to it. With a medium house value of $370,000, Sandpoint’s house costs are slightly higher than the state medium which stops at $341,000. The above-average life quality, however, is seen by realtors in Sandpoint, ID at every turn. The market forecast suggests an increase of 7.1% in the following year as the population increase is unlikely to stop. This will give realtors in Sandpoint, ID plenty of work, so contact them soon, before they’re all busy.
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Living in Sandpoint Idaho


From railroading museums, to wildlife refuges, top-ranking real estate agents in Sandpoint, ID will mention several opportunities to explore the city and its surrounding area. Horse-back riding or biking adventures come with astounding landscapes to admire, while winery tours and local breweries allow residents to relax after an exhausting day. Realtors in Sandpoint, ID know the remarkable amenities aren’t what people plan to expect from a small town, but the city surprises, and they promote. It’s not only the wild outdoors that grab the attention of people visiting, but the haute culture from art galleries and fine dining restaurants as well. 


This mountainous small town makes one think of Switzerland’s Alps from The Sound of Music and it’s easy to see why people find many things to do in Sandpoint, ID. Any top-ranking real estate agents in Sandpoint, ID can take you on a swift tour of the scenic view and mesmerize you by the city’s beauty. There is more to this mountain town, however, and the residents there can show you. The city is considered excellent for living there by any realtors in Sandpoint,  ID, and residents alike. It is a very family-friendly town with walkable distances for grocery stores and a lower car dependency that one might be used to. Real estate agents in Sandpoint, ID are a part of the tight-knit community and everyone is friendly in the city. There are many underage children which is why safety is something that realtors in Sandpoint, ID share with potential new residents. The city’s cost of living is another thing to brag about as, while it might be higher than Idaho’s average by 6%, it is lower than the national average by around 10%. 


Keep in mind that the city is still growing in numbers and real estate agents in Sandpoint, ID have their fair share of listings at their disposal. Finding the perfect home for you and your family, however, will be easy if views of mountains and lakes don’t bother you. Just scroll through this page and pick from the top realtors in Sandpoint, ID. Their expertise and knowledge of the city will answer any of your unanswered questions. Find the real estate agents in Sandpoint, ID that you’re interested to work with, and ask them about their city’s best-kept secrets.