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Seeing as Winston-Salem, North Carolina grabbed your attention enough to stumble upon this page; we’ll share a bit of information regarding the city and the best real estate agents in Winston-Salem NC. With an estimated 251,000 residents, the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is Forsyth County’s county seat. It is also the second-largest municipality pertaining to Piedmont Triad, the fifth most populous municipality in North Carolina, and the third-largest urban area in the state. However, realtors in Winston-Salem NC praise the city’s small-town feel that was maintained despite the population growth. The Southern roots are part of the city's atmosphere with its traditional Southern hospitality and friendliness. Real estate agents in Winston-Salem NC promote the city’s diversity at every corner based on both race and age. With a median age of 35, the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has a good base for further development in all important sectors of the industry. The high percentage of children below the age of 18 and other factors place it among the best cities in the Greensboro area to raise a family. Regarding diversity, it’s the second most diverse suburb in the Greensboro area and the third in the whole state of North Carolina. The thing that makes Winston-Salem stand out the most is its affordability. While the average income is below the national average, housing costs are lower, which directly impacts the cost of living as realtors in Winston-Salem NC can tell you. Further below you can find more detailed information about the most important aspects of moving to this city. However,  just a light scroll away, you’ll find all the information necessary to contact real estate agents in Winston-Salem NC. So browse away and pick one of the best realtors in Winston-Salem NC. Their name and contact information are just below.

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The city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, known as the “Twin City” because of its dual heritage, and “Camel City” because of its involvement in the tobacco industry is simply referred to as “Winston” by the locals. Real estate agents in Winston-Salem NC can explain the differences between those names and point you in the right direction for a historical adventure around town. But let’s see more information that might be considered more relevant for someone looking to relocate to Winston-Salem or maybe sell their home.

Housing Market in Winston Salem, North Carolina

The city’s high livability index calculated by AreaVibes relates to Winston-Salem’s affordability, diversity, variety of amenities, and trademark Southern hospitality. Realtors in Winston-Salem NC are always asked about the city’s housing costs. Well, we can let you know that the median home value in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is around $170,000, with over 77% being priced below $248,000. That’s a significant percentage however you look at it. 

However, the homeownership rate is relatively low, with only 51% of residents owning their homes. The types of homes are also relatively variated, so with top real estate agents in Winston-Salem NC you’ll find the best listing on the market for your family’s lifestyle. Around 61% of all homes are single-family homes, but there is a quarter of homes in apartment complexes, 6% in small apartment buildings, 4% in townhomes, and 3% are mobile homes.

Winston-Salem’s seller’s market sparks the conversation of supply and demand in the city. Realtors in Winston-Salem NC are aware of this aspect, and the demand for more housing is ever so present. With new investors coming in, the need for more housing should be satisfied, so real estate agents in Winston-Salem NC are engaged in the real estate market’s needs. The high appreciation rates of the real estate market with growths of 12% over the past year further motivate real estate investors to look twice at this growing municipality.

Job Market in Winston Salem, North Carolina

With an unemployment rate that equals the national average, Winston-Salem has a growth opportunity in the future years. With several major employers in the technology, health care, financial, and tobacco industries, the city’s growth is just a matter of patience. As a national leader in the biotech and nanotech research fields, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, demands its stance on the world stage. Realtors in Winston-Salem NC are astounded with how their city’s sustainable growth paid out over the last few years.

Over the last decade, the unemployment rate plummeted, and the result can be seen in the median income’s yearly growth. While currently, the median household income in Winston-Salem, NC, stops at around $45,000, the city’s affordability needs to be taken into account. When comparing housing costs with the median household income from this city, real estate agents in Winston-Salem NC like to underline that their city offers a better value than other similarly sized metro areas. While the national median for the cost of living increased because housing costs increased while incomes did not at the same rate, that did not occur in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

As it can be expected from a city traditionally associated with the tobacco and textile industries, Winston-Salem managed to reinvent itself into the 21 century through nanotech, biotech, and high-tech industries. The highest-paying jobs are all in the technical, engineering, science, and computer industries and average around $68,000.

Living in Winston Salem, North Carolina

With the Blue Ridge Mountains on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, is it really that difficult to understand why so many people want to relocate to Winston-Salem, North Carolina? Realtors in Winston-Salem NC can’t get enough of their city’s museums, science facilities, outdoor adventures, and the friendliest of people. From appetite-inducing local family-owned restaurants to the self-guided tour of a chocolate factory, everything in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, seems to be accompanied by flavor. Whether you’re craving sweets or a brewery tour, real estate agents in Winston-Salem NC can tell you the in’s and out’s of their city’s hidden treasures. Give them a call, and they’ll be by your side every step of the way as you embark on the real estate transaction process.

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