Coinsurance Plan Of Reinsurance

Definition of "Coinsurance plan of reinsurance"

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Type of proportional reinsurance under which the ceding company (primary insurer) cedes a portion of the face amount of the life insurance policy it has underwritten to its reinsurer. The reinsurer, in the event of the death of the insured, is obligated to pay its pro rata share (thus the alternate name pro rata reinsurance) of the death benefit to the ceding company that in turn must pay the full death benefit to the insured's beneficiary. Under this plan, the reinsurer is also obligated to pay its pro rata share of all settlement options under the life insurance policy to include the cash surrender value. The reinsurer receives from the ceding company a pro rata share of the gross premiums paid on the policy to the ceding company. In return, the ceding company receives a ceding commission (to cover its expenses incurred in marketing, underwriting, and distributing the life insurance policy) from the reinsurer.


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