Definition of "Dependent"

Dennis Ciesil
  Baird & Warner Real Estate

A person who relies on another for economic support. For insurance purposes, the following may be included:

  1. the insured's legal spouse;
  2. any unmarried children younger than a specified age who are dependent upon the insured for support (age requirements vary from plan to plan);
  3. unmarried children between specified years of age who are dependent upon the insured for support, and who are full-time students in an educational institution (age requirements vary).
A dependent child cannot be covered under more than one insured employee's plan. For example, if the husband and wife are both insured employees of different companies, coordination of benefits would determine which plan is primary and which plan is secondary. In some states, the father's plan is primary; in other states, the birthday rule would be used: the parent with the earlier birthday would have the primary plan.

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