Federal Flood Insurance: Upton-jones Amendment

Definition of "Federal flood insurance: upton-jones amendment"

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Amendment that modifies the federal flood insurance program by providing relocation and acquisition coverage for structures in imminent danger from an encroaching shoreline. This amendment enables the Federal Flood Insurance Program to pay up to 40% of the policy to property owners who relocate structures in imminent danger and up to 110% of the policy to property owners who demolish those structures and remove the debris. A prerequisite for the property owner to receive these funds is for the property structures to be declared uninhabitable by the local permit authority and to be subject to erosion or to be within the geographical boundaries of an erosion zone that has been included in a program approved by the state. Under the Federal Flood Insurance Program, residential structures on the shore can be insured against floods for a maximum amount of $185,000 and $60,000 coverage for contents within the structure.


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