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Replacement for the earlier Family Automobile Policy (FAP) with these nine basic coverages:

  1. Coverage A Liability, The company pays damages for which an insured becomes legally obligated because negligent acts or omissions resulted in bodily injury and/or property damage to a third party; the company defends the insured against liability suits for damages caused to the third party, paying various expenses in this connection; and (c) vehicles covered include the insured's own cars, a newly acquired car, and a temporary substitute car.
  2. Coverage B Medical Payments. The company pays medical expenses for bodily injury incurred by the insured (including spouse and relatives) and any other person while they occupy the insured car.
  3. Coverage C Uninsured Motorist Coverage. The company pays damages that the insured is legally entitled to collect from the owner or driver of an uninsured motor vehicle.
  4. Coverage D Comprehensive. The company pays for loss to the insured's car for all damages, in excess of a deductible amount,except due to collision.
  5. Coverage E Collision. The company pays for loss to the insured's car for all damages in excess of a deductible amount caused by collision.
  6. Coverage F Car Rental Expense (optional). The company pays for car rental up to a daily dollar limit, when the insured's car cannot run due to a loss incurred.
  7. Coverage G Death, Dismemberment, and Loss of Sight (optional). The company pays the insured or beneficiary for death or loss caused by an accident to the insured.
  8. Coverage H Total Disability (optional). The company pays the insured a monthly disability income benefit because of bodily injury in an accident while occupying or being struck by a motor vehicle.
  9. Coverage /Loss of Earnings (optional). The company pays the insured a percentage of his or her loss of monthly earnings because of bodily injury as the result of an accident while occupying or being struck by a motor vehicle.

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