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To understand what an abatement notice is, one needs to understand the concept of nuisance abatement. Abatement notice is the notice given to the owner (or occupier) of a property as a warning that his or her house has infringed local ordinances or laws, and he or she must take the necessary measures to correct the violation, or else the process of abating whatever nuisance that property’s been causing to the community will begin. That is; if the owner or occupier doesn’t do the work, someone else is about to go inside the property or enter the premises and fix or replace whatever is causing the disturbance.

Abatement notices are issued by local agencies and are generally sent via certified or registered mail and fixated at the entryway of the house – usually about a month – before it actually gets into effect so the homeowner doesn’t claim he or she was unaware of it. The nuisance mentioned in the abatement notice might be required to be stopped altogether or just limited/reduced, when applicable. The abatement notice will also contain information on how to do that and correct the violation. Failure to comply with it will incur in multiple fines, and will especially become a burden for the homeowner if it’s a case of attractive nuisance. Some of the setbacks provoked by failing of complying include removal, repair or demolition, depending on the subject of the violation.


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