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The allocation method estimates the value of the property’s land by gathering information from comparable properties. The allocation method of estimating site value is ideal, however, when comparables are not available. We’ll get to how comparables are actually used in the allocation method below, but it isn’t the same as through the abstraction method. We get to know the percentage value of the land to the property’s total value through the allocation method. While this method is used for land and site appraisals and valuations, it is not the most commonly used method. 

What is the Allocation Method?

The allocation method is one of the appraisal methods used by assessors to estimate the land value of a property that has been improved. In a residential area, the allocation method is not used as it is considered rather complicated compared to the other options of valuation. The sites, lands, or properties it is applied to don’t have sufficient comparable sales to determine the site’s value through the sales comparison method.

It is also important to note that the allocation method is more relevant when the property’s improvements are new. With older improvements, the ratio of land to property can increase making the allocation method inaccurate. Depreciation of property does affect the allocation method and it isn’t an ideal method for older homes.

How to use the Allocation Method?

To estimate the value of a property’s land or site, the assessor takes into account the values of comparable properties (with homes built on the lot) and comparable lots (empty lots). The assessor calculates the ratio from the two values and then applies the ratio on the appraised property.

If comparable lots in the area are sold for 20% of comparable properties value and comparable properties are sold for $200,000, then the 20% ratio is applied to the property that’s being appraised.


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