ANSI Standard (American National Standards Institute)

Definition of "ANSI Standard (American National Standards Institute)"

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What is the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standard?

Before arriving at the definition of ANSI standard, you must know that ANSI stands for The American National Standards Institute founded on October 19, 1918 as a private, not-for-profit organization. This institute creates thousand of guidelines, norms, and definitions that apply in almost any business, including the real estate industry. All the standards and norms are conceived in order to protect the consumers (such as property owners/homeowners) and ensure their safety while also making the products more competitive.

These standards work best when integrated horizontally, in the same industry, and vertically, in interconnected economic sectors. These standards are not mandatory. The definition of an ANSI standard could be the best way someone is expected to do something, for maximum security and durability. The ANSI codes are available for sale on their website.   

For example, In April 1996, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) adopted a standard for measuring single-family residential buildings. ANSI standards have been adopted by most MLS services and real estate agents. When measuring the gross living area, appraisals and real estate agents must know the definition of the gross living area by heart. They must pay attention to finished and unfinished areas, whether rooms or other buildings are connected to the main house or not, and also if the rooms are below grade or above grade.

ANSI codes and standards cover building and demolition, electronic communications, cloud security, lasers, machine safety and many more.

When it comes to construction, there are safety measures that need to be taken for example when working in a confined space, working with electricity, or on a scaffold. The ANSI standards and training are also protecting the workers when applied, although they are not enforced like the OSHA laws.

On  April 30, 2013, President Barack Obama signed a proclamation officially designating May as Building Safety Month.


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