Definition of "Blueprint"

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(1) Architectural plan of a structure in the form of a picture in white on a blue background. Contains lines and solids shapes and aids in the planning, outlining, and construction of a building. (2) Guide to follow in performing some act.

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Mary Jane Milo Mary Jane Milo said:

what is meant by blueprint in property?

May 17, 2021  05:21:21

Real Estate Agent

A property blueprint is a more detailed and technical plan for a home. These blueprints are used by architects and home designers to have an exact plan of a home. Blueprints include the floorplans, elevation drawings for each side of the structure, basement or foundation plan, with bearing walls, footings, the electrical layout, the framing plan, the plumbing plan, the mechanical plan, and so on. Blueprints are necessary for the building process, but also during renovations as they can save you from tearing down a bearing wall by accident, or drill through your electrical circuit.

May 18, 2021  12:52:33


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