Cease And Desist Order

Definition of "Cease and desist order"

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Judicial order prohibiting a person or business from doing something. The court may issue this dictate when unlawful conduct or activity is occurring.


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Comments for Cease And Desist Order

Lisa Hunt Lisa Hunt said:

I need to stop the sell of a heir house ASP

Jun 08, 2021  15:39:26

Real Estate Agent

Hey Lisa! Thank you for reaching out to us. To block the sale of a property that is owned by an heir, legal situations may arise. Whether it's by contesting a will, if that is still an option, depending on your timeline, or by filling a cease and desist order, both situations require an attorney's expertise. Try contacting legal representation with your particular situation or ask a real estate attorney for clarifications. Regardless, the information you found here should not be used as legal advice as we do not have the expertise necessary for legal advice. Contact an attorney, and they will be able to provide you with the information necessary for your situation and guide you in your pursuit.

Jun 11, 2021  07:11:45

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