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It’s a simple thing, really. And quite natural too. You’re thinking of moving to Estero FL, and you want to know what county it’s in. There are any number of reasons you might want to know this, from land valuation to tax rates and job availability, but that doesn’t matter; what matters is the answer. And, luckily enough, we’ve got it! 


The community of Estero FL lies near the center of beautiful Lee county, in south central Florida. The city that this county is best known for is Ft. Myers, and this makes sense, as it is the largest city in the county. As a matter of fact, most of the county lies within the periphery of this rapidly growing metropolis! 

What is Lee county known for? 


There are a few things that Lee county is known for. First and foremost, it gets its name from the famed confederate civil war general, Robert E. Lee, one of the most brilliant military commanders of the war. Lee was a popular figure in the confederacy and this led to his name being given to many cities and counties across the US. 


Today, the county is well known as the location of the spring training for two MLB teams, the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins. Every year, these teams make the trek down to Ft. Myers to engage in practice games, training exercises and other team building exercises. The location was chosen for its temperate climate and excellent sporting facilities. 


If you would like to move to this beautiful area, why not choose Estero FL? This beautiful community has a wealth of attractive qualities, and should be considered by anyone who is interested in the area. If you want to make the move, get in touch with the local real estate agents in Estero FL, and find out what’s on the market! 


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