Definition of "Endorsement"

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A statement attached to an insurance policy changing the terms of the policy. A signature on a draft or check by a payee prior to the transfer to a third party. A payee provides such an endorsement when transferring this draft to the payee'bank. A restrictive endorsement limits the use of the check to a single purpose. A special endorsement is used when the check is used to pay someone else. All that is required is to indicate the payee and sign.

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Comments for Endorsement

Susie Susie said:

I am updating my will. The title policy does cover the Trustee of the trust. Do I need a form that states that so it will be known after my death.

Feb 18, 2020  13:49:22

Real Estate Agent

Hi Susie! 


The answer to your question is yes.  In such situations, it's always best to have as much documentation on record, just in case someone disputes the division of your estate to whomever you have entrusted your belongings and property. 

Feb 21, 2020  10:47:41
Louise Louise said:

seeking 250sqft commercial

Aug 12, 2019  13:40:47

Real Estate Agent

Hi, Louise! You're in the right place! We see that you're in Bellevue, WA. So, please get in touch with our real estate agents in Washington and they'll help you find the right place.  

Aug 13, 2019  06:27:32


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