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The term endorsement can have various meanings depending on the context. In a business transaction, the parties sign a contract about the legal transfer of a negotiable instrument in exchange for reimbursement. In this case, an endorsement is a signature enabling the change of possessions. 

An endorsement can also define an amendment to a legal document, for example, a driver’s license or a different arrangement to a life insurance policy providing family protection. When attached to an insurance policy, an endorsement can change its terms. In addition, a letter of recommendation and a simple supplement to a contract can also be called an endorsement.  

An endorsement can be a simple signature

When transferring a draft to the beneficiary’s bank, a payee is endorsed by signing a draft or check. For instance, an employer can approve a money transfer from the company’s account to the employee by signing their check. However, the employee or payee must sign the statement upon receiving the payment symbolizing the transfer was completed. 

The endorsement in real estate

Before defining what endorsement means in real estate, we must explain the title policy. Title policy constitutes a decisive element in commercial real estate and real estate finance. If someone doubts property ownership, title policy protects homeowners and lenders against such claims. It also offers title insurance.

Title policy endorsements

Endorsements can refer to home insurance as an endorsement is added to the title policy. However, it provides homeowners with more coverage and insurance than the original title policy. When added to the title policy, an endorsement alters the insurance terms. Suppose a proprietor wishes to learn which endorsements are pertinent to their land. Then, the insurance firm has to review the property and decide whether it’s a residential lot or non-residential real estate.

Residential vs. nonresidential real estate

People living on residential real estate. Local zoning ordinances have clearly defined that companies cannot use residential real estate for industrial or commercial prospects. Land surveyors consider a vacant residential area non-residential because they yet have to determine endorsement’s cost since no improvements have been implemented on the lot. Any other property that does not qualify as a residential area.

The Comprehensive Endorsement, commonly known as ALTA 9 coverage, includes many insurance features. The ALTA 9 endorsement covers what is known as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (“CCRs”).

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Susie Susie said:

I am updating my will. The title policy does cover the Trustee of the trust. Do I need a form that states that so it will be known after my death.

Feb 18, 2020  13:49:22

Real Estate Agent

Hi Susie! 


The answer to your question is yes.  In such situations, it's always best to have as much documentation on record, just in case someone disputes the division of your estate to whomever you have entrusted your belongings and property. 

Feb 21, 2020  10:47:41
Louise Louise said:

seeking 250sqft commercial

Aug 12, 2019  13:40:47

Real Estate Agent

Hi, Louise! You're in the right place! We see that you're in Bellevue, WA. So, please get in touch with our real estate agents in Washington and they'll help you find the right place.  

Aug 13, 2019  06:27:32
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