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A fixed asset whose utility is derived from its physical attachment to a property and which usually cannot value or damage. A fixture, under the terms of a lease or other agreement, can be detached.

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Khem Kharel Khem Kharel said:

which one of these is not a fixture? land, shrub, tree swimming pool

Dec 25, 2018  21:10:02

Real Estate Agent

Land is real property, obviously. You can't take the land with you when you move. 
Shrubs and trees, since they are attached to the land by roots, are fixtures.
Swimming pools that are not fixed in the ground are NOT fixtures. So, even if it is well integrated into the property, like a jacuzzi or a prefab swimming pool, that is personal property.  Trade fixtures are also not true fixtures. 

Jan 09, 2019  04:28:46
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