Ownership Rights To Realty

Definition of "Ownership rights to realty"

The right to possess, exclusively occupy, enjoy, control, and dispose of real estate. Ownership rights to realty are granted by the ownership of a title to real property.


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Comments for Ownership Rights To Realty

Martin Horsman Martin Horsman said:

what does the term Owner1, and Owner2 mean in New Mexico Home Ownership

Aug 27, 2018  13:11:10

Real Estate Agent

Hey Martin,
we need a bit more context to properly answer. But it seems that Owner 1 and 2 are for the times that the house is split in a co-ownership, like between husband and wife. To get you up and running with the specifics, contact one of our New Mexico Real Estate Agents; they will have all the answers you need!

Aug 28, 2018  10:19:24

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