Is It Difficult To Be A Real Estate Agent?

Definition of "Is it difficult to be a real estate agent?"

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Yes and no.

The yes part of the answer is pretty standard; we’ve been covering it in the many many articles we put out on our real estate advice and tips page exposing the complexity of acting as a real estate agent in a housing transaction. There’s a reason why we have over 2,800 entries (and counting!) on our real estate glossary terms, right?

So, is it difficult to be a real estate agent? Of course. Very.

It requires dedication. Aside from completing all the necessary licensing courses, real estate agents must diligently get informed of the latest real estate trends.

It requires a lot of stamina. Their life is very busy and the concept of “working hours” most of the time is nothing but a concept.

It requires a lot of patience. Real Estate agents are constantly dealing with unreasonable home buyers and sellers and difficult, long-term scenarios that don’t always have a happy ending for them.

It requires will. Real estate is one of the most competitive businesses there is. You need to really want it to shine above competitors.

Not noticing these pitfalls and being surprised by them is one of the reasons why real estate agents fail and get out of business.

But what about the “No” answer to the question “is it difficult to be a real estate agent”?

Well, the thing is: if you are an easy going person, with a good empathetic heart and a genuine desire to help others, then the job becomes easy. Or at least easier. Because in today’s world is sometimes difficult to find people with the right attitude, right? But a real estate agent that does not feel ashamed to ask, that is willing to listen and learn, that is present and has the client’s best interest at heart, will go a long way and will simplify and overcome every possible hurdle along the way. The real estate agent’s job is to act on behalf of his or her client, so once you’re a well-oiled machine with them, every door opens for you both.

Final answer to “is it difficult to be a real estate agent”? Only for those who fail to understand that your mission is to make the client happy or who are too lazy to do what’s necessary to make that happen.

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