Purchase Money Mortgages Pmm

Definition of "Purchase Money Mortgages (PMM)"

Joyce Meyerdirk-McKenzie
  Century 21 New Millennium - Columbia

Type of seller financing. It is a mortgage loan from a seller instead of cash for the purchase of real estate. The term has a dual meaning in real estate financing. All mortgage loans for real estate purchases are designated purchase money mortgages by lenders, and thus all the different types of mortgages explained could be classified as purchase money mortgages.

The second meaning of the term explains what happens when the buyer does not have the necessary cash and the seller agrees to take back a part of the selling price in the form of a purchase money mortgage. Such a mortgage is ordinarily subordinated to take a second-lien position since the primary lender will require a first lien position before making the loan. For the purchaser, this means less cash and possibly an interest rate on the PMM less than if those same dollars were borrowed from a primary lender. The seller can possibly induce a sale not otherwise possible by agreeing to take back a purchase money mortgage. The seller is protected in that a PMM places a lien on the property the same as any other second mortgage.

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