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A recorded plat defines a subdivision map that you have to file in the county recorder’s office. It will show the location and boundaries of your parcels of land. Knowing this, we can introduce the term recorded map or plat (land) survey system. Land surveyors employ such land inspection methods in the United States and Canada. 

Typically, they establish land boundaries using this method, especially for lots in highly populated urban regions and suburbs. In real estate, you might also find the definition of recorded plat under the terms lot and block survey system and lot and block description. 

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What does a recorded plat mean in practice, and how does it work?

Let’s suppose land surveyors investigate a tract of land’s size based on the previous land survey system, for instance, metes and bounds. Then, they organize a subdivision survey to break down the initial tract into smaller lots. Now, they can create a plat map. This subdivision survey applies the metes and bounds system to separate lots within the primary tract. They attach a letter or number as a unique ID to every lot found on the map. 

Then, a recorder of deeds or an engineer representing the local government registers the plat map. The given plan will constitute the legal description for all the lots in the subdivision. Subsequently, a recorded plat will contain a legit note to the individual lot and the map’sregistration place. Thus, the landowners will have an appropriate legal description of their property. 


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Therefore, the lot and block survey system is probably the most straightforward one in the trio of land survey systems, namely the metes and bounds and the Public Land Survey System.

How will you become acquainted with the recorded plat?

Suppose you recently decided to expand your real estate investment portfolio by purchasing land. In that case, you will learn soon about recorded plat or property plat used in construction site mapping. It describes your land and virtually everything on it, such as boundaries, real estate, and roads. The property plan will assist you in understanding your rights as a landowner and developing your land. It is a term that home buyers have to know.

Why are recorded plats essential?

Do you wish to buy, sell, or develop land? Plats give a detailed account of a particular land and access to it. Recorded plats uphold law and order, ensuring that landowners don’t overstep their lands’ boundaries. Secondly, public land stays in general use. Thirdly, lots follow zoning ordinances and restrictions. In addition, recorded plats allow owners to gain access to all utilities. Architects can’t put city development plans into practice withoutproperty plans.

Local governments can monitor commercial and residential properties, subdivisions, and future growth and expansion: engineers and architects design land documentations and development based on recorded plats. Without them, landowners couldn’t be held liable for trespassing other lands. 

Whether you plan to divide your land into building lots or add an extra section to your property, you’ll require a recorded plat. However, the local government also needs recorded plats to design streets, parks, pathways, or any other facility for public use.

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